Hero Electric offers exciting exchange offers over its scooters

India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturer Hero has announced a new exchange offer for prospective electric two-wheeler buyers. According to the information released by the company, a buyer can bring their old, petrol two-wheeler to be exchanged for a brand new Hero Electric Scooter. Also, the company is offering Rs. 6,000 more over the current market value of the two-wheeler brought for exchange. This makes it an attractive deal for those who are on a lookout for a electric two-wheeler.

Hero Electric offers exciting exchange offers over its scooters

However, this offer is only valid on two-wheelers which are older than those compliant with BS IV emissions norms. Therefore recently bought bikes or scooters will not be covered under this scheme and will be exchanged on market rates. As of now, Hero Electric has four products in its portfolio which include the Electric Flash, Electric NYX, Electric Optima and Electric Photon. The pricing of these models start from Rs 45,000 and go all the way up to Rs 87,000 after deducting the subsidy received from the central government. The Delhi-based company decided to switch towards lithium-ion battery technology completely after the government announced last year that subsidy on the lead acid battery technology will be withdrawn, resulting in higher prices.

According to Hero, all the electric scooter models in its lineup come with a three-year warranty on battery and bike since the time of purchase. The company claims that this results in saving of around Rs 70,000 which is spent on petrol and maintenance of the old, petrol-powered two-wheelers. Speaking on the development, Electric Vehicles – CEO, Sohinder Gill said,

India is at the cusp of evolving into one of the world’s fastest growing economies. To propel on this notion further, we need to rapidly adapt the electrically powered vehicles which will play a critical role in the future. Hero Electric is not just championing green transport mobility but also supporting the government’s vision to fast track EV adoption in India.

To increase the infrastructure in order to attract more people towards electric scooters, Hero Electric is also establishing new touch points in over 20 cities across India including Delhi, Pune, Jaipur, Chennai, Rohtak, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Lucknow. With these touch points, the company aims to encourage riders to move towards electric two-wheelers. Currently, Hero Electric has 450 such touch points across India.

Hero Electric offers exciting exchange offers over its scooters

While electric scooters might still not be able to give a fight to petrol powered counterparts, they can be an excellent option for city commute. Not only they help in saving the environment but they also cut your daily expenses by quite a lot. The only drawbacks of electric scooters currently are range and speed.

However, if one travels mostly around the city itself, modern electric scooters are very practical. They can also carry a fair bit of load and easily charged at homes. With the new exchange offer being given by Hero electric, this becomes the perfect time to get one if you were having thoughts to buy one soon.