Hero Karizma rider set on fire in petrol bunk for delay in tendering change: Caught on CCTV

In a shocking incident from Kodakara, Kerala, a man was set on fire for causing a delay at a fuel pump. The whole incident was captured on a CCTV camera that was installed at the fuel station. The victim, Malookkadan Dileep, suffered 25% burns and is admitted to the medical college hospital.

What happened here?

Hero Karizma rider set on fire in petrol bunk for delay in tendering change: Caught on CCTV

The incident happened when a local history-sheeter, Vattapparambil Vineeth, went to the fuel pump. The local goon was waiting in queue to fill fuel when Dileep was counting the change that he received after filling the fuel. Dileep paid a note of Rs. 2,000 to the attendant and received change in Rs. 10 notes. This caused a delay because of a large number of notes. Vineeth started an argument with Dileep and it escalated quickly.

The local goon then picked up a plastic bottle that filled with petrol from the fuel station itself and started walking towards the victim. Dileep then snatched away the fuel bottle from the Vineeth and gave it to the fuel attendant who seems to be trying to calm down both the parties. The local goon, Vineeth, snatched back the bottle, poured some fuel on Dileep and set him on fire with a lighter. On seeing this, a friend of Dileep’s, who was still counting the change came to his rescue and hit the goon with a brick or stone and then went on to attend to his friend who was engulfed in flames. The scooter and the Hero Karizma also caught fire. The second part of the video shows how intense the fire became.

Vineeth ran away from the spot while Dileep was admitted to the hospital with 20-25% burns on his body. The fuel attendants used fire extinguishers and water to control the fire and keep it from spreading. Had it spread to any of the fuel dispensers, it could have become a catastrophic incident. From the CCTV footage, it is clear that the fuel pump was empty at the time of the incident. There are no reports about arrests yet.

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