Hero Motocorp Passion Pro, XPro & Super Splendor commuter motorcycles launched in India

Hero MotoCorp has launched three new commuter motorcycles – the 2018 Passion Pro, Passion xPro and the Super Splendor – in the Indian market. The prices will be announced early next year, when the bikes are launched in a phased manner in cities around the country.

Hero Motocorp Passion Pro, XPro & Super Splendor commuter motorcycles launched in India

Hero MotoCorp’s chief product planner, Malo Le Masson, has also announced that these commuter bikes will be followed by premium bikes next year. The premium bikes are expected to be the Hero Xtreme 200S and the XPulse 200. Here is what he said,

With the launch of the new Passion PRO, Passion Xpro and Super Splendor, we are aiming to further consolidate our leadership in the 100-125cc segments. These new motorcycles come with bold styling and more power while still retaining their product DNA and will surely be appreciated by the customers. Now, we will shift our focus on premium motorcycles and aim to grow our market share in the premium segment.

The Passion Pro and XPro feature new, 110cc four stroke engines with peak power of 9.4 PS at 7,500 rpm and peak torque of 9 Nm at 5,500 rpm. Four speed foot operated manual gearboxes are standard with this engine. The bikes accelerate to 60 Kph from standstill in 7.45 seconds. The engine also gets an idle-stop system that maximizes fuel efficiency, and cuts tail pipe emissions.

Hero claims that the Passion Pro and XPro are 12 % more efficient than the 100cc models. The bikes get new fuel tanks with flush-type caps, new tail-lamps, digital-analog meters, all-time Headlamp On (AHO) and side-stand indicator features. The Passion Pro and XPro have stylistic and colour differences. However They get self-start, front disc brake and alloy wheels as optional features. Telescopic front forks and twin rear shock absorbers are offered on both bikes.


The Super Splendor is powered by a 125 four stroke engine that puts out a maximum power of 11.4 PS at 7500 rpm and maximum torque of 11 Nm at 6000 rpm. The bike reaches a top speed of 94 Kph, and Hero MotoCorp has revealed that the new engine produces 27 percent more power and 6 percent more torque than the older version. A four speed manual gearbox is standard. The new bike gets a range of features including AHO, side-stand indicator, wider rear tyre, updated seat profile, side reflector and an underseat storage cavity. It gets a front disc brake option, and a self-start, and also alloy wheels as optional extras.