Hero Passion modified with hub center steering system!

While most motorcycles use the regular telescopic fork based front steering system in today’s world, there are a few rare steering systems too. One of them is the hub centre steering that is available on the bikes by only a few selected manufacturers. They are extremely complicated and hence, very expensive and rare. In India, someone modified the popular Passion Pro and added a hub centre steering to it. Let’s find out all about it.

What is this about?

Indian Customs, based out of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh have come up with this extreme modification. The planning started during a college project of the engineering student Anand Singh, who is also the brain behind the creating. It was modified in a workshop owned by Anand and has done several modification jobs on motorcycles.

Hero Passion modified with hub center steering system!

The Passion Pro seen here is extensively modified to house the parallel hub steering system. The suspension system for the front is a monoshock that has been mounted horizontally on the front side of the bike. The load of the front wheel is transmitted to the swing arm through a Pro-Link suspension that transfers the weight to stock chassis of the bike.

There are two hubs fitted to the front wheel that have vertical bearings. The movement of the front wheel happens when the hubs move in opposite after the input from the steering. The rake and trail of the bike are also adjustable as per the need, unlike telescopic fork bikes.

Hero Passion modified with hub center steering system!

The two advantage of the hub steering system is bike’s natural anti-dive position. Even under extreme braking, the rider stays stable. Also, during acceleration, it does not lifts up. However, the turning radius becomes pretty large. The steering also feels very vague when compared to the regular telescopic forks.

Are there any other motorcycles with hub-centre steering?

Hero Passion modified with hub center steering system!

There are a few options but they are not very cheap. A few modders have tried to add the system own their own. Here is another one from India. It is a modified Yezdi that gets a hand-made hub centre steering system.

Hero Passion modified with hub center steering system!

Vyrus is a renowned brand that makes hub centre steering bikes. This is Vyrus 987 C3 4VV. It is world’s most powerful bike with the hub steering system and it is powered by a 211 Bhp engine.

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