This dirt bike is actually a modified Hero Passion Xpro commuter motorcycle

We have seen number of examples of modified motorcycles and cars in the past. We have featured several such examples on our website as well. Most of the time, if a motorcycle is modified, then the chances of it being a Royal Enfield are pretty high. It has been one of the most popular motorcycle among modifiers for years. Here we have an exception. In this video, we have a dirt bike like motorcycle that is actually a very common commuter motorcycle, Hero Passion Xpro.

The video has been uploaded by Vampvideo on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing the modifications made to the motorcycle. At first glance, it will be a bit hard for anyone to figure out that this dirt motorcycle is actually based on Hero Passion Xpro motorcycle. But, as you start looking closer, you recognize the engine that is seen in almost every Hero commuter motorcycle.

As per video this motorcycle is modified by Bittoo Bike Modifications and they have completely changed the look of the bike. Starting from the front, the stock tyres have been replaced with studded off-road tyres similar to the one seen in many dirt bikes. The front bumper has been replaced with an aftermarket dirt bike like unit. The stock headllamp of Hero Passion has been  replaced with a small round headlight and this gives an impression of the suspension height being raised.

This dirt bike is actually a modified Hero Passion Xpro commuter motorcycle

The modified motorcycle gets an aftermarket ,round fully digital multi-colour instrument cluster. The handle bar has been changed to give an upright riding position. Similarly, the fuel tank is  custom made unit and has Honda badging on it that hides the motorcycle’s Hero MotoCorp roots. The frame, engine and every other component except for the fuel tank and grab rail has been painted black.

It gets cafe racer-style flat seat and if needed, a pillion seat can also be installed. The rear mudguard is also a custom unit and tail light is a aftermarket unit. No changes are made to the engine department and is still powered by the same old  110-cc engine. The stock exhaust on this motorcycle has been replaced with an aftermarket unit from Akrapovic for a throaty exhaust note. The overall cost of converting this Hero Passion Xpo to a dirt bike like motorcycle was approximately around Rs 80,000. While that’s quite a packet, and more than the cost of a Hero Passion XPro, the result seems to be worth it.