Hero Splendor BEATS Honda Activa in India

Hero Splendor, world’s largest selling motorcycle, and Honda Activa, India’s largest selling automatic scooter, have a stiff competition among themselves. In the month of March, Hero Splendor regained the top-selling two-wheeler position that it had lost to Honda Activa sometime back. Both the products sell quite well in the Indian market and are extremely popular. Hero sold 2,62,232 units of the Splendor in India in March while Honda sold 2,07,546 units of the Activa during the same period. While the margin of the leaders is extremely close most of the times, last month, Hero zoomed past Activa in terms of sales.

Hero Splendor BEATS Honda Activa in India

This comes at a time when Honda launched the new Activa 5G in the Indian market. There are not many changes to the new Activa but subtle changes like LED headlamps keep the scooter fresh in the market. Honda launched the Activa in March and many prospective customers must have waited to see the scooter before deciding. It may have led to the lower sales of the Activa last month.

Hero Splendor, on the other hand, is extremely popular for its fuel efficiency and reliability. The Splendor became widely popular as the “Fill it, shut it, forget it” bike a few years back. It is powered by three engine options in the Indian market. There are 98.2cc, 110cc and 125cc engine options. Hero also offers a 98.2cc Splendor Plus recently giving a wider choice of options to the customers. Hero also offers an iSmart system with select Splendor models. The iSmart is like an automatic start/stop system that shuts the engine when it idles at the traffic signal and automatically starts the motorcycle as soon as the clutch is engaged. This saves more fuel and makes the Splendor the most fuel efficient motorcycle in India.

The Activa also has its advantages. Being an automatic, it offers a high level of convenience, which is important for daily commuters. Also, the Activa offers a lot more storage space than the Splendor. Scooters have always been the more practical choice over motorcycles but when it comes to fuel efficiency, motorcycles win the race.