Biker gets a Rs 25,000 challan: Sets Hero Splendor on fire

Within a few days of the implementation of the new MV Act in India, the challan receipts of absurdly high amounts are going viral on the Internet. Only a few days back, a Honda Activa rider received a challan of Rs 23,000 and an autorickshaw driver was issued a ticket of Rs 47,500. Well, a biker from Delhi was issued a fine of Rs 25,000. What he did at the scene is quite shocking.

After the cops issued the challan, the biker set his Hero Splendor on fire in front of the policemen. The incident happened in Sheikh Sarai, Delhi. According to the police, the bike was stopped during a regular checking for the documents. The cops flagged down the rider when he was spotted riding the motorcycle without a helmet. When he stopped, the cops found out that he was in an inebriated state. The rider also could not produce any documents and record for the motorcycle he was riding. The cops issued a challan of Rs 25,000 and asked him to submit it in the court.

The rider, who was in a drunken state did not take the incident well. He set the Hero Splendor on fire in front of the police officials present on the spot. The cops immediately called the fire tenders to douse the fire. It is not known how much time did the fire tender take to reach the spot. However, in the video, we can see that the firemen are using all kinds of things to douse the fire on the Hero Splendor. In the end, they were able to put out all the fire but it is not known if the bike could be saved.

Biker gets a Rs 25,000 challan: Sets Hero Splendor on fire

Also, it is not known if the person was arrested for the incident. It should be noted that doing such activities on the roads and destroying property on the public roads is illegal and the person can get arrested. Delhi Police has also not said anything about the incident except for the fact that the person who did this was in a drunken state.

The new traffic rules became active from 1st September 2019. To curb the disobedience on the public roads and ensure that everyone follows the rule, the government has increased the fines by multiple folds. The Indian roads see a large number of accidents every year and many of them turn fatal. With the new rules in place, the government wants to ensure that every motorist on the road follows the traffic rules properly, which will bring down the number of accidents on the roads.

Many states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Punjab have opposed the new rules and have said that the fines are too high. These states continue to use the previous set of rules.

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