Hero Splendor guy’s backseat riding stunt on public roads is plain risky

Doing stunts of public roads is illegal and risky. We have come across several reports and videos where such stunts have led to accidents, injuries and sometimes even death. Cops have also become much more advanced and are relying on technology to track down such violators. No matter, how tight the security on our roads, there are people who still like to violate rules. Many people do such stunts and record video of the same to go viral on the internet. Here we have one such video circulating on the internet where a man is seen sitting on the pillion seat of a motorcycle with no rider on it.

The video that has gone viral on the internet was shared by memes___roast Instagram page. The video does not share many details regarding the location where the video was actually recorded from. From the video, it looks like the Hero Splendor motorcycle was being ridden on a highway. The rider chose the highway to do the stunt. He probably locked the throttle on the motorcycle and decided to change his position as a pillion from rider to pillion.

The video does not show how exactly the Spelndor guy pulled off the stunt. When the video starts, the rider was already sitting on the pillion seat with his hands off the handle bar. The motorcycle is maintaining the speed and the accelerator is locked and the motorcycle is not moving around as well. It looks like this is not the first time, rider has pulled off this stunt. He looks very confident and even asks the person recording the video to look for the traffic ahead. He is riding the motorcycle on the extreme right lane which is quite dangerous on a highway.

Hero Splendor guy’s backseat riding stunt on public roads is plain risky

The extreme right lane is usually used by fast moving vehicles or for overtaking. We all can agree that Hero Splendor is not a motorcycle which is built for high speeds. The commuter motorcycle is meant for city riding conditions and sedate highway rides. As the rider is not holding the handle bar on the motorcycle, the chances of him losing control over the motorcycle are higher. In case, a fast moving vehicle comes from the rear, he won’t get enough time to get back to the rider seat and change lane. It could easily lead to an accident. Even a slight change in direction would mean that the motorcycle would hit the divider and the rider would end up injuring himself.

The rider is not even wearing a proper riding helmet. All he has on his head is a regular cap, which is not going to save him from injuries in any manner. This is a very short video but, it has gone viral on the internet. It has already received over 185k like and has received over 2 million views. By doing this stunt, the rider is not only putting his own life at risk but also the life of other road users. If you are interested in doing such stunts, do it on a private property or an a race track.