Hero Splendor modified into a scrambler motorcycle looks beautiful

Hero Motocorp is world’s largest two wheeler manufacturer. They have a range of commuter and premium motorcycles in their line-up. One of the most popular models from the brand that even a child can recognise is Splendor. Hero has been in production for over two decades and Hero has been constantly coming up with different updates and facelifts to keep it relevant in the highly competitive commuter motorcycle segment. Splendor is actually not a motorcycle that you would relate with modifications but, here we have a video that shows a Hero Splendor being beautifully converted into a scrambler.

The video has been uploaded by A B customs on their youtube channel. The video shows how a humble looking Hero Splendor motorcycle was converted or modified into a scrambler. AB Customs who has uploaded this video has also done the modification work. They start by stripping the motorcycle. The head, side panels, headlights, speedometer and seat were all taken down. Once that was done, the front and rear mudguards were also removed along with chain cover and saree guard.

Once everything was taken down, the wheels were removed and minor modification were to the rear swingarm to accommodate a wider wheel and tyre. Front wheels was also replaced with a wider unit. It even gets a disc brake for the front.  After the wheels were in place, the rear frame of the motorcycle was cut short and a metal plate was welded to swingarm to increase the seat height.

Hero Splendor modified into a scrambler motorcycle looks beautiful

After this, the fuel tank was removed and replaced with a tank from Hero Passion motorcycle. The stock exhaust was also removed and replaced with an aftermarket unit. The headlights are now all LEDs and it also gets LED turn indicators with hazard lamp function. The tail light is an LED strip which is integrated in the frame which was chopped off.

There is a tyre hugger at the rear and the front gets a custom made mudguard. The side panels on this motorcycle is custom made and gets Olive Green paint job. The fuel tank and the mudguard also get the same paint. The engine, exhaust, alloy wheels and the frame are all painted in black. It now gets a shorter handlebar and the instrument cluster is a single pod aftermarket unit.

The engine on this motorcycle remains the same and no modifications are done to it. It is now a single seater motorcycle and looks pretty good. A B Customs has done a commendable job when it comes to modifying the bike. The work looks very neat and it is going to be hard for anyone to recognise the donor motorcycle for this project. We have seen several scrambler inspired modifications on Royal Enfield motorcycles in the past. This is probably the first time that anyone has built a beautiful bike using a humble Hero Splendor.