Man steals Hero Splendor to get home during Corona Virus lockdown: Couriers it back to owner after 2 weeks

During the lockdown, we heard many stories of vehicles being seized by the police for violating norms. Cases were also filed against many for violating the same. Here we have the story of a man whose motorcycle was stolen last month, and who surprisingly got it back after two weeks. The person who had stolen the motorcycle couriered it back to the owner’s address (that was found in the Registration Certificate).

Man steals Hero Splendor to get home during Corona Virus lockdown: Couriers it back to owner after 2 weeks

The incident happened on 18 May 2020 in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore district. Suresh Kumar, who is a resident of the city had parked his motorcycle outside a workshop, and around 1 pm he realised that his bike was missing from the spot. He immediately approached the nearest Police station in Sulur to file a complaint. However, the officers had told him that they were currently very busy with lockdown duties and COVID-19 work, and will only be investigating the bike-theft after the lockdown was lifted.

Meanwhile, Suresh was determined to find out who took his motorcycle and started investigating on his own. He checked the footage from the CCTVs installed nearby and spotted a person riding his Hero Splendor away. He circulated the footage of the person via WhatsApp and started inquiring about the person from people nearby. In some time, he figured out that the man who ran away with his bike was Prasanth, who was working in a bakery in Coimbatore. After conducting further enquiries, Suresh figured out that Prasanth lived in a village on the outskirts of Coimbatore, and went there to confront him and get his Hero Splendor back.

During enquiry, Suresh found out that Prasanth he had already fled to his native town in Mannargudi, Tiruvarur district. Prasanth had allegedly stolen the bike from Suresh Kumar to get back to his home town which is approximately 286 kms away from Sulur, Coimbatore. After a couple of weeks, Suresh Kumar received a call from a courier agency informing that his bike has been couriered and they will be delivering it to his address. After reaching Mannargudi, Prasanth realised that the owner of this motorcycle has traced him and fearing that the owner might file a case, he he couriered it to the address seen in the RC. The clear picture on why Prasanth did that is not available as of now but, Suresh had told media that he won’t be filing a case as his bike has been returned.

Via The News Minute