Hero Splendor with 100 horns is the craziest thing you’ll see today [Video]

For many Indian motorcycle riders, a horn is the most used thing in a motorcycle. Unfortunately, a motorcycle horn is majorly used in India for unnecessarily honking, even at a traffic signal. The continuous honking of a motorcycle horn by Indians is a classic example of a lack of patience. However, some motorcycle riders also use a motorcycle horn to gain attention while on the road. Here’s one such person who has installed not one, not two, but hundred horns in his motorcycle.

In an Instagram post uploaded by the account of ‘splendor_lover_72’, we can see a Hero Splendor fitted with 100 horns in a very weird fashion. These horns are placed on the sides of the motorcycle in series, one over the other vertically. All these horns are round-shaped and have the same size, which flanks the motorcycle and covers a huge area. These horns are mounted on pipe structures, which are affixed to the chassis of the motorcycle.

The portion above the handlebar of the motorcycle has a V-shaped vacant space so that the rider can have a clear view of the road ahead. However, even at the top, there is a series of horns placed horizontally. With all the hundred horns installed on the Hero Splendor, what you get here is an extremely impractical, albeit hilarious motorcycle.

Hero Splendor with 100 horns is the craziest thing you’ll see today [Video]

Other modifications seen in this Hero Splendor are wide tyres installed over after-market alloy wheels, which is a common thing to see among motorcycles in Punjab and Haryana.

There is no chance that this motorcycle will be able to travel on public road. Legally, no way. Even otherwise, its quite impractical. So hopefully this strange experiment would be dismantled soon and the motorcycle would regain its original identity as the everyman’s motorbike.

Why you should not do this

Well, it would be impossible to ride for any distance, for one. Other than that, if any daredevil tries this, he is quite likely to get his motorcycle seized as this level of noise pollution would be impossible to ignore even for the most indulgent cops. And a nice thrashing by some startled passerby is also a possibility. That is a possibility even with a single particularly loud horn, by the way.

There is more. Installing such a large number of horns (or very loud horns) can also be distracting for other passers-by, both visually and aurally. Installing so many horns in a single vehicle will also cause a significant load on the battery and wiring harness of the motorcycle and void the warranty of the motorcycle. Going by the area covered by these horns, it is clear that the riding dynamics of the Splendor here have also gone for a toss.

Installing such weird modifications in a vehicle is illegal as per the Motor Vehicle Act of India. However, many people install nuisance-creating horns to gain some unnecessary attention on the road. Such things are not only juvenile to execute but also harmful to other motorists on the road who will be distracted by them.

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