Hero Splendor with RTO approved electric conversion kit: Cost & other details [Video]

Slowly we are starting to see RTO approved electric kits enter the Indian market. So, people would now be able to convert their existing ICE-powered vehicles to electric vehicles. Here, is one electric conversion kit for Hero Splendor. The kit is made by GoGoA1 and they have also shared the details on the video.

The price of the kit is Rs. 35,000 which at first seems quite affordable. But, you would have to pay Rs. 50,000 for the battery and to charge the vehicle you would have to pay Rs. 5,606 because the charger is not included in the kit. Usually, the kit itself retails for Rs. 50,000.

The controller and the motor also come with a 3-year warranty and once the motorcycle is fitted with the kit, it would get a different number plate which would be finished in green. GoGoA1 is also in compliance with National Green Tribunal or NGT.

Hero Splendor with RTO approved electric conversion kit: Cost & other details [Video]

The manufacturer claims that the battery should be able to deliver 151 km on a single charge. That is pretty good considering the new electric scooters that are launching in the Indian market are not able to deliver a similar riding range.

In the video, the host says that because the electric conversion kit is RTO approved, the insurance company would pay for the damage if the motorcycle is damaged in an accident. This is important because as we know electric components are expensive to repair and replace.

Hero Splendor with RTO approved electric conversion kit: Cost & other details [Video]

The hub motor has a capacity of 2 kW and is fitted inside the rear wheel of the motorcycle. The engine has been removed and is replaced by the battery and the controller. Moreover, there is an MCB and some converters that are hidden behind the side body panels. Braking duties are handled by drum brakes in the front and at the rear. The manufacturer had to source the rear brake from a Bajaj Pulsar which is a more powerful and bigger motorcycle. The switchgear is the same that you would find on a petrol-powered Splendor. However, the manufacturer has added a kill switch.

The kit is currently approved for Hero Splendor only. The manufacturer says that any Splendor sold after 1997 can be fitted with the electric conversion kit and it will be considered RTO approved. However, the owner would need to make the necessary changes to the registration certificate.

The motor produces a torque output of 63 Nm. However, it can peak out at 127 Nm. The motor has an efficiency of 92 percent. The carrying capacity of the motorcycle is 100 kgs to 300 kgs. In the video, we can see it hitting 70 kmph of top speed with a rider and a pillion. 70 kmph is enough for a person who will be mostly using the motorcycle for city commutes.

After the electric conversion, surprisingly the weight of the motorcycle has also gone down. The regular Splendor weighs 122 kgs whereas the electric Splendor weighs 102 kgs. Because of this, the performance of the motorcycle has also improved. There is also regenerative braking which is activated when the brakes are applied or when the motorcycle is going downhill.