Hero XPulse 200 BS6: Specifications REVEALED

Hero Motocorp is world’s largest two wheeler manufacturer and has been very close to the heart of Indian customers. The brand has a range of commuter motorcycles and higher capacity motorcycles in their line up. Last year Hero had launched an adventure motorcycle XPulse 200. Now, Hero just like any other manufacturer has started working on BS6 models and BS6 version of the XPulse has now been officially listed on Hero’s website. In comparison to the older BS4 model the upcoming BS6 version will see a couple of changes.

Xpulse200 Matte Green Bs6

Design-wise the BS6 version looks pretty similar to the outgoing BS4 version of the XPulse. It has the same round LED headlamp with small visor, knuckle guards and other accessories. The change however lies in the engine. The engine has been retuned to make it compliant with the new BS6 emission norms. In this process the XPulse has lost some of its power. The BS4 version of the XPulse 200 used to produce a maximum of 18.4 Bhp and 17.1 Nm of torque. The BS6 version only generates 17.8 Bhp and 16.4 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox.

The exhaust pipe of the motorcycle has also bee re-routed. Instead of going through the right side of the engine the exhaust pipe now passes under the engine. This modification was done to include the catalytic converter which helps in reducing the toxic gas and pollutants from the engine. The re-routing of the exhaust pipe has not affected the ground clearance and still has 220 mm of ground clearance.

Xpulse200 Bs6 White

With BS6 update the carb. version of the XPulse will be discontinued and the fuel injected models will only be available. The other difference is that the BS6 model will now have a liquid cooled engine setup in comparison to the air cooled one in the BS4 version. With all these additions in place, the BS6 version of the XPulse will be heavier than the BS4 version.

The Xpulse continues to offer the features like the digital instrument cluster with bluetooth connectivity feature, spoke wheels, singl-channel ABS and adjustable rear mono-shock. The price for the XPulse 200 BS6 is likely to increase and the deliveries for the same are expected to start once the situation in the country improves. The XPulse 200 is the least priced adventure motorcycle on offer in India, and the next affordable option – the Royal Enfield Himalayan 400 – is a full Rs. 70,000 pricier. The XPulse is a great commuter motorcycle as well. The tall riding position, and hefty ground clearance really helps.

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