Hero XPulse 200 uses long travel suspension to climb up and down stairs

Hero Xpulse 200 BS6 might be the perfect motorcycle for people who want to start off-roading. The Xpulse is the successor to Impulse which was discontinued because of poor sales. Hero ensured that the motorcycle does not overwhelm the beginners. So, the engine has a linear power delivery with relaxed manners, the clutch action is light and the gear shift feels positive. It is powered by a 199.6cc, oil-cooled petrol engine that delivers 17.8 HP of max power and 16.45 Nm of peak torque. It comes mated to a 5-speed gearbox. With a kerb weight of just 157 kgs, the motorcycle feels nimble and easy to ride.

The Hero XPulse gets quite a bit of equipment that helps it going off-roading. It gets a bash plate, fork gaiters, dual-purpose tyres with spoked wheels, upswept exhaust, bash plate and a high-rise front mudguard. Hero offers a long travel suspension with the XPulse. So, the front telescopic suspension comes with a travel of 190 mm while the 10-step adjustable rear suspension comes with a travel of 170 mm. Braking duties are done by discs at both ends. Just like any other off-roading motorcycle gets a larger 21-inch wheel at the front and 18-inch wheel at the rear. It gets a ground clearance of 220 mm which is enough for off-roading. However, due to this the seat height is 823 mm which shorter riders might get uncomfortable with. Hero is offering Dual-channel ABS, a digital instrument cluster and Bluetooth connectivity with navigation. The fuel tank capacity is 14-litres which should be enough for touring.

Today, we have a video of XPulse using a fair bit of its long-travel suspension. The video is uploaded on YouTube by mallu treands and Xpulse 200 Kerala. In the first short video, we can see the rider taking the motorcycle upstairs. The second video is of the rider travelling downstairs on the XPulse 200. We also see a point of view camera shot of the motorcycle going down the stairs. In both the videos, we can see the long-travel suspension doing its job amazingly. The suspension does not let the motorcycle scrape its underbelly on the stairs.

The job of long-travel suspension is to dampen out the effect of rough roads or in this case, stairs. It ensures that the jolt or jerk is not passed on to the important parts of the motorcycle or to the rider. As the trail gets complicated and rougher, you will need more suspension articulation. The long-travel suspension here will help the tyres to constantly stay in touch with the ground which is very important to retain traction.

Hero XPulse 200 uses long travel suspension to climb up and down stairs

In the case here, the XPulse’s long-travel suspension is helping in making the tyres stay planted on the stairs. Every time the motorcycle goes down one stair, the suspension not only absorbs the bump but also dampens out the jolt that otherwise would have transferred to the handlebar, seat and at the end to the rider.

Hero XPulse 200 uses long travel suspension to climb up and down stairs

Hero is now also offering a Rally Kit which has been priced at Rs. 38,000. The Rally Kit gets you a bunch of stuff and transforms the XPulse 200 for proper off-roading. The kit includes an extra-long stand, a flat bench-style seat which is taller, extended gear pedal, handlebar risers, off-road tyres, larger rear sprocket, longer travel and adjustable suspension.