Hero Xtreme 200S & XPulse 200T: BS6 variants announced

Every manufacturer in the country is currently busy in making all their models compliant to the BS6 emission norms. Hero Motocorp which is world’s largest two wheeler manufacturer is also doing the same and had recently taken down some of the BS4 models from their website. The manufacturer has now brought back and listed Xtreme 200S and XPulse 200T motorcycles on their website in BS6 avatar. Few days ago, Hero had listed the XPulse 200 BS6 which is the more adventure friendly motorcycle on their website. Hero will be launching or starting deliveries of these BS6 motorcycles one the lockdown in the country is lifted.

Xtreme 200s 4

Models they have currently listed on the website are the Xtreme 200S and the XPulse 200T. The Xtreme 200S is the fully faired version of the regular or naked Xtreme 200 motorcycle. It had a distinct looking headlamp and many other features like a digital instrumet cluster, LED headlamp bluetooth connectivity, radial tyres at the rear and so on.

It looks like no mechanical changes are made to the Xtreme 200S and looks identical to the BS4 version that was earlier sold. The only difference would be the engine that will meet the new BS6 emission norms. From the website it looks like the power figures on the Xtreme 200S will not be affected after the BS6 update and the 200-cc engine will continue to produce 18.4 Bhp of power.

Hero Xpulse 200t

Next is the XPulse 200T. It is more of a road-biased version of the adventure motorcycle Xpulse 200. Both XPulse and 200T are different as one is more focused on adventure touring whereas the other is made for the city riding conditions. The XPulse 200T has features like LED headlamps, fully digital instrument cluster with bluetooth connectivity feature that shows turn by turn navigation on it. The engine of both XPulse motorcycle remain the same and as in the case of Xpulse, 200T is likely produce less power in BS6 version. The BS6 XPulse 200T will generate 17.8 Bhp and 16.4 Nm of torque which is similar to the one the seen in Xpulse 200 BS6. The 200T version is also likely to get the oil-cooled engine setup instead of the air-cooled one that we have seen so far. Both Xtreme 200S and Xpulse 200T are expected to reach dealerships and start delivery once the situation in the country improves and the price o these motorcycles are also likely to go up slightly.

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