Hidden frog comes out and scares Harley rider on the road: Instagram reel goes viral [Video]

The monsoons in India bring out all kinds of creatures especially reptiles out in the open. Here is an instance that was caught on camera and shows a Harley-Davidson rider getting scared and dropping his motorcycle after a frog comes out and sits on the tank of his bike.


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The incident was caught on the camera mounted by the rider. It shows him in slow-moving traffic where he has almost stopped. The frog came out to the top of the tank from behind the fuel tank. On spotting the frog, the rider became extremely scared and jumped off the motorcycle.

As he dropped the motorcycle, the frog jumped out in the open and went away from the motorcycle. We are not sure what would have happened if the frog had come out while the motorcycle was still moving. It could have caused the rider to fall at high speed.

Hidden frog comes out and scares Harley rider on the road: Instagram reel goes viral [Video]

Snakes found in cars

Reptiles, such as snakes, often seek refuge in vehicles, unbeknownst to the occupants who may inadvertently put themselves in danger. A recent incident from Maharashtra underscores this issue, where a moving car unexpectedly harbored a Cobra. The subsequent rescue operation was captured on video, which has since gained viral traction across the internet.

The video footage depicts the successful extraction of the snake from the car and its subsequent release into a nearby jungle. Notably absent from the video is an explanation of how the occupants initially detected the presence of the snake within the vehicle. As the video commences, a rescuer is already seen carefully gripping the snake’s tail, working to remove it from the car. Regrettably, the video provides limited insight into the identities of the individuals involved, as well as details about the vehicle in which the snake was discovered.

A significant traffic disruption occurred on the Eastern Express Highway due to a 10-feet long python, as revealed in a separate video. The footage captures the efforts of rescue personnel as they work to disentangle the large python from beneath a vehicle.

This incident unfolded at Chunabhatti on the Eastern Express Highway. According to officials, the snake had slithered beneath a car and coiled itself around the vehicle’s tire. Consequently, traffic came to a halt, resulting in a substantial jam. Although only one lane was obstructed during the snake’s rescue, curious motorists on the highway brought their vehicles to a halt in order to catch a glimpse of the remarkable reptile.

Be careful during rains

In the rainy season, snakes and reptiles often emerge in search of food, and strangely enough, vehicles seem to hold a particular allure for these cold-blooded creatures. The warmth generated by operating vehicles makes them enticing to snakes. This warmth assists reptiles in maintaining their body temperature. Such occurrences are quite prevalent in India, where numerous instances have been documented of snakes seeking refuge within engine bays, around motorcycle engines, and similar locations. Many of these incidents tend to arise during the rainy season and monsoon period.

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