High security registration plates to become mandatory in Delhi from May 1st!

high security number plate

High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) will soon be mandatory across for all motor vehicles running in India. The rule has already become mandatory in New Delhi from May 1st, 2012 onwards and for all old vehicles running in Delhi; the last date to replace the existing number plates with the HSRP is June 15th, 2012.

High security registration plates to become mandatory in Delhi from May 1st!
Photo: This is how registration plates in Delhi will look in the near future

The implementation of HSRP has already begun in few states such as Kerala, Manipur and other states will follow suit.

HSRP prices are Rs. 69 for a two wheeler, Rs. 86 for a three wheeler and Rs. 214 for a four wheeler. The prices are quite affordable and at par with the prices of ordinary number plates we use at present.

HSRPs are made of aluminium; they have special markings and a laser hologram. The laser hologram will have a hidden 7-digit number than can only be decoded by special laser cameras. The HSRPs are secure because they have a non-reusable snap lock which means that the number plate becomes obsolete once it is broken or removed from the vehicle.

HSRP will be useful for traffic police authorities to identify a vehicle accurately even from a distance. The laser cameras may also be installed on important roads to track speeding vehicles. HSRPs will make life difficult for criminals who use duplicate or new number plates on their cars while committing crimes. HSRPs will likely force road users to follow traffic rules. This is a good move by road authorities to introduce HSRPs for all vehicles.

(Photo Courtesy: The Hindu )