Kerala ambulance driver’s presence of mind saves old woman [Video]

Emergency vehicle drivers including the drivers of ambulances have special skills to drive through heavy traffic. While we have seen several videos of Kerala ambulance drivers negotiating the single-lane crowded roads in the past, this video shows how careful they are on the roads.

The video is from Kerala where the ambulance driver seems to be transporting a patient. The driver of the ambulance makes several impossible overtakes. One of the biggest challenges while driving an emergency vehicle in Kerala is the narrow roads. The footage from the dashboard camera of the ambulance shows the driver making quick overtakes while the other vehicles give way by stopping.

The ambulance reaches a crossing where an old lady was crossing the road. The ambulance drivers apply the brakes to stop within a few feets from the lady. However, the lady got very scared and fell on the road. We can see in the footage that a policeman comes running to help her and pick her up from the ground.

The footage shows excellent presence of mind. If the ambulance driver did not apply the brakes on time, it could have resulted in a massive accident causing injuries to the lady.

Kerala ambulance videos are viral

We have seen several videos of emergency vehicles from Kerala. They are quite popular and even the motorists help the emergency vehicle to pass through without any problem. In fact, even during celebrations with huge number of crowd on the streets, taking an emergency vehicle is not a big deal for ambulance drivers.

The video above shows an ambulance with its siren on and emergency lights switched on appeared in the video and the crowd gave way to the vehicle within a matter of seconds. The perfect coordination between the crowd and the ambulance looks like a staged video of sorts but it really happened in the city.

Not giving way to emergency vehicles is punishable

Kerala ambulance driver’s presence of mind saves old woman [Video]

Not giving way to emergency vehicles is an offence in India and the culprits can be booked for the same. However, there are regular instances where motorists just try to go ahead of the emergency vehicles on the road which delays the emergency vehicle. Not giving way to such important vehicles can create dangerous situations for the people who are in need of them.

While there are strict rules for giving way in the developed countries, in India, most motorists do not even follow the lane-driving rule. However, it is imperative to always be on alert and let emergency vehicles pass through whenever they are in the mirror with their siren and flashers switched on.

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