First accident on Mumbai’s MTHL (Atal Setu): Caught live!

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The newly inaugurated Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) bridge has become an attraction point for many residents. We have seen numerous videos of people visiting the newly opened bridge, reducing the travelling time of the local commuters. Here is a video of the first crash caused by a high-speed Maruti Suzuki Ignis. Here is what happened.

The video recorded by a dashboard camera of another car caught the high-speed accident on camera. The video shows the relatively empty MTHL and vehicles cruising along. You can see a Maruti Suzuki Brezza overtaking on the right lane. Following that, you hear a crashing sound and the Ignis shows up uncontrolled.

The Maruti Suzuki Ignis hits the side barricading and rolls over to finally come to a complete stop. We are not exactly sure about the speed that the cars were doing in this video. However, the legal speed limit of MTHL is 100 km/h and it seems like the Ignis had breached the speed when it got into an accident. We are also unsure if the Ignis was racing against any other vehicle at the time of the accident since no other footage is available.

First accident on Mumbai’s MTHL (Atal Setu): Caught live!

The most probable reason for the crash is the Ignis losing traction completely while driving. It is possible that the driver made a turn at high speed and the tyres could not get ample grip to keep the vehicle on track. Since no Electronic Stability Program (EPS) or Traction Control System (TCS) is available with the Ignis, the driver completely lost control of the vehicle after a high-speed manoeuvre. The vehicle could have been saved with these features but no vehicle at the price point of Ignis is available with these added safety features.

Mumbai Police have booked the family

First accident on Mumbai’s MTHL (Atal Setu): Caught live!

According to reports, Mumbai Police have registered a case of rash driving against the family that was travelling in the vehicle. Two people were present in the car when the accident happened and both of them came out without any injuries. Mumbai Police is yet to officially comment on the accident or how it happened. Since MTHL has several CCTV cameras, it is likely that the police will investigate further.

Driving at very high speeds can be exciting, but it’s only safe when done in a controlled area like a race track. On regular roads, especially in India, going fast can lead to serious trouble and big accidents. Speeding can make vehicles hard to control and increase the risk of accidents.

Not only can high speeds be dangerous for drivers, but they also pose risks to others. Stray animals and people crossing the road might unexpectedly appear, leading to accidents. When driving at high speeds, there’s less time to react, making it harder to avoid collisions or stop quickly. Slower speeds give more time for drivers to react, steer away, or brake in case of emergencies.

It’s crucial to always follow the speed limits on Indian roads to ensure safety. Even when the roads seem empty, animals or cattle might be around, and they can be unpredictable. If you see any animals on the road, it’s safest to slow down. Animals may change their path suddenly, and slowing down gives you a better chance to avoid accidents.