High-speed Hyundai Grand i10 crashes into a bike on highway: Who is at fault? [Video]

Indian roads see one of the highest number of accidents in the world. Many of these accidents are fatal making Indian roads one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Here is a video that shows why the roads are so dangerous. The CCTV footage shows how a Hyundai Grand i10 crashed into a motorcycle. But who do you think is at fault here?

The video shows a four-lane highway and a few motorcycle riders without helmets. The footage shows a couple on a motorcycle riding on the extreme left hand lane of the road. Suddenly, the rider takes a turn without checking the rear view mirror for any traffic from behind. A Hyundai Grand i10, which was travelling at a high-speed in the right lane crashes into the motorcycle.

High-speed Hyundai Grand i10 crashes into a bike on highway: Who is at fault? [Video]

The car driver saw the biker taking the sudden turn and then must have honked. It looks like the biker heard the car honking and stopped midway through taking his turn. The car driver, however, could not slow down and crashed into the motorcycle. The video footage shows how the couple were thrown off the motorcycle.

The riders were not injured and they got up as well. But who do you think caused this accident?

The main culprit here is the motorcyclist. What he did is extremely dangerous. When you are traveling in the left-most lane of a highway, there would always be vehicles passing you by in the other lanes. So when you need to cross those lanes to get on to the other side of the road, the prmary responsibility is yours to check and make sure no other vehicle is approaching as you take the turn. Here, the motorcyclist did none of that and took a sudden turn across the lanes.

The car driver too is to blame, to some extent. These are highways with intersections and crossings in the median. At any moment, a vehicle may enter from the other side of the road into your side of the median. So it always makes sense to slow down to manageable speeds when approaching any such intersections. And a defensive driver would honk early enough to let distracted motorists know that he is approaching. Here the Hyundai i10 driver honked only after he saw the biker taking a dangerous turn.

Indian roads are dangerous

On Indian roads, it is a common sight to see stray animals, cattle, and pedestrians crossing the road. In addition, some drivers disregard traffic rules by driving on the wrong side or turning without using indicators. To be prepared for emergency situations, it is crucial to adhere to safe speed limits while riding on Indian roads.

Since there is no right-of-way concept in India, it is advisable to reduce speed while approaching crossings. Similarly, while travelling on highways, it is recommended to slow down when passing through populated areas like cities and villages. Although pedestrian crossings are available, most people tend to loiter on highways to save time. These areas also have a higher probability of encountering stray animals and cattle.

To avoid such hazards, it is important to maintain a safe speed on highways. It is also common to come across locals riding on the opposite lane, especially near settlements, cities, and villages along highways.

In the previous year, Nitin Gadkari, the Minister of Roads, Transport, and Highways, asserted that Indian roads would surpass the quality of those in the United States. He made this statement while inaugurating 25 national highway projects intended for Jammu and Kashmir.

Gadkari emphasized that the highways and tunnels would meet American standards, thereby boosting tourism and development in Jammu and Kashmir. Thanks to these new roads and highways, travel times will be significantly reduced, enabling a four-hour journey from Srinagar to Jammu and an eight-hour trip from Delhi to Srinagar.