High-speed KTM RC390 motorcycle crash shows why wrong side overtaking is so dangerous [Video]

Here is a video of a high-speed KTM RC390 crash that clearly shows why overtaking from the wrong side of the road is so dangerous. Actually, the video you see below shows an RC390 rider who is trying to overtake a fast-moving truck from the left lane. However, things don’t go as planned as he crashes into a couple of cyclists who were just a few metres ahead of him.

A lot of things went wrong here. For starters, the motorcyclist tried to overtake a fast-moving truck from the left-lane. Secondly, there was some slow-moving traffic, in the form of a couple of cyclists, just a few metres ahead of him. Initially, the overtaking process looked easy as the RC390 has enough grunt to pull off a high-speed overtaking manoeuvre.

However, things went wrong when a Maruti Eeco, which was driving on the wrong side of the road, forced the cyclists to move towards the centre of the road. The RC390, by then, was only a few metres away from the bicycles. The bike’s high speed made it impossible for the KTM driver to brake hard and avoid contact. Also, moving to the ride wasn’t possible as the right lane was occupied by the truck.

Hence, the KTM rider ended up crashing into the cyclists. The video you see above shows that the RC390 wasn’t driving at a very high speed, moments before hitting the bicycles. However, seen below is another video that provides an analysis of the situation. As per the second video, the playback speed of the first video has been slowed down moments before the crash, which in turn gives a false impression of a slow speed.

Also, in the first video, which is basically a truncated version of the original clip, it looks like the KTM rider and his other biking buddies left the spot without even checking the condition of the cyclists. However, the second video goes on to clarify that the RC390 rider and his friends ensured everyone was fine and even paid the bicycle riders for the damages and injuries they suffered in this mishap.

Anyway, the major takeaway from this episode is that overtaking from the wrong lane whilst riding/driving at a high speed can be risky. Of course, the RC390 could have avoided this crash had it been slower. Also, going by the fact that the truck was already moving at a decent speed, the motorcyclist had no reason to be in a hurry to overtake it from the wrong lane. Finally, even the Eeco that was driving on the wrong side of the road turned out to be a major culprit here.

Video source – Dark Rider on Youtube