High-speed Toyota Innova-motorcycle crash shows why slowing down is so CRITICAL at junctions [Video]

High-speed Toyota Innova-motorcycle crash shows why slowing down is so CRITICAL at junctions [Video]

Indian roads are full of hazards and the number of rising accidents is a proof of it. Seen here is a Toyota Innova Crysta on a highway driving at a very high speed. The vehicle directly hits a motorcycle crossing the road causing the riders to fly in the air. Here’s why not slowing down on the junctions is so dangerous.

What happened here?

The video has been recorded from a CCTV camera. The incident happened on NH66 in Udupi, Mangalore at an unknown junction. The CCTV shows that the accident took place at 10:26 AM during broad daylight.

An MUV can be seen moving at a high speed when a biker with pillion rider can be seen crossing the road. The rider even does not stop at the median to check for an empty gap properly. As the bikers move on, the vehicles moving at a very high speed smashes the bikers as they fly on the road to land on the side of the road. The extreme accident shows the perils of moving too fast on the junctions and not checking the road properly before crossing.

What went wrong?

The video shows that the people on the bike crossing the other side of the carriageway after stopping and checking for a big gap. But while crossing the other side of the carriageway, the biker does not stop at all. He must have tried to save a few seconds even if he realised that the car is coming towards it. As the biker picked up speed, it collided with the vehicle.

The Innova, on the other hand, was moving quite fast when he hit the bikers which means the speed could have been even higher before it entered the camera frame. The Innova must have seen the bikers crossing the road but tried to steer away from the bikers and get past them. As the bikers picked up speed to escape the course of the vehicle, they collided with each other.

What can be done to avoid such accidents?

Such accidents can be avoided completely if a few simple steps can be followed on the junctions:

  • Always slow down at a junction in India. Even if your traffic signal is green, slowing down is the best idea as many try to jump signals to save time.
  • Always stop at a junction to properly check for moving vehicles. The speed of any vehicle can be difficult to ascertain, especially on the highways. It is always a good idea to stop a look properly.
  • Never break a signal. Even if it can save you a minute, breaking signals can cause huge accidents.
  • Check for pedestrians at the junctions. Pedestrians are much more vulnerable and often jump out at the traffic signals.
  • Always slow down on the highways crossing through cities or towns. Such areas are expected to be more populated and have greater chances of accidents.