‘High tension’ moments when wild elephant meets SUV on narrow forest road

It is not every day that we come across a fully grown elephant while driving our car but whenever that happens, it sure is a scary situation. Popular background singer Vijay Yesudas was travelling with his friends when he came across this fully grown elephant and looking at the size of it, the occupants of the car must be very scared.

The video is made by Yesudas and his friends from inside the vehicle. At no point did they come out of the vehicle during the face-to-face standoff. The video shows a narrow stretch of road going through a jungle and their red car parked in the middle of the road. They stopped the vehicle after spotting the elephant. The video shows the elephant approaching the car and inspecting it closely before going back to a safe distance.

‘High tension’ moments when wild elephant meets SUV on narrow forest road

However, the elephant soon realised that the car is not a threat and came back in front of the car. It was looking for a way to cross the vehicle and since it was parked in the middle of the road, it did take some time to figure out that there is enough space on the side. After a few tense moments, the elephant crossed the car and went minding its own business.

At no point in time did the elephant do anything to scare or harm the occupants of the vehicle. Since they did not move the car around, it gave the wild elephant an assurance that nothing will go wrong.

Wild animals can be unpredictable

Yesudas and his friends showed immense patience in this situation. There are many who would just drive ahead hoping that the animal will give them the way. Sometimes, the animals can get spooked by these moves and can attack the vehicle. Be assured that some of these animals like elephants and rhinos are so strong that they can wreak havoc on the car and its occupants. The best way to deal with wild animals is not to disturb them in any way and even make any kind of noise.

Animals can get triggered due to scary noises and sudden movements. It is best to stay away from animals. Always remember that you’re in their territory and the jungle belongs to them. Show patience and park the vehicle on the side of the road to give them space to pass through comfortably.

Even though it is not very common, in the past, elephants and other wild animals have attacked vehicles. They mostly move in herds and can be very dangerous if they sense any kind of danger. It is also very important to not feed wild animals. Feeding them makes them return to the same spot for food and when they do not get it from other motorists, they can turn angry and attack. Also, giving food to the wild animals makes them dependant, which is bad for survival. Always respect the wild animals and do not be playful with them.