Hilarious Bike Stunt Fails

Stunts are dangerous, be it in a car or on a bike. They can get you killed, and there are no two things to that. Wearing adequate protection before stunting is necessary, and along with that, practicing or carrying out stunts in a closed environment is even more important. But some bikers can be really stupid, like the ones here. And they’ve gotten away easy, with hilarious results.

Stunt 1

When you’re learning to do a wheelie, 1. You leave kids out. 2. You wear adequate protection. 3. You get a more powerful bike. 4. You don’t get your friends to film it. Or else, this happens.

Stunt 2

Don’t like someone? This is the easiest way to get them land on the backsides, hard.

Stunt 3

Just before the Bullet wheelie goes bad…


Stunt 4

This man was bright the first time around, but caution gave into adventure. And this is what happened.

Stunt 5

Well, that’s it for this year. Wish you a Happy New Year 2018!