There are good car mods and bad car mods, and then, there are hilarious car mods. Here are some of India’s most hilariously modified Scorpio SUVs.

When you want a BMW but can only afford a Scorpio

Mahindra Scorpio BMW

This is one of the most popular modifications for the facelifted Mahindra Scorpio. A lot of people are putting BMW kidney front-grilles on their Scorpios. The only difference is that grilles have a huge amount of chrome on them and don’t really look as classy as the ones on BMWs.

When a Scorpio wants to be Landcruiser Prado

Mahindra Scorpio to Toyota Landcruiser Prado


Someone tried to make the Scorpio look like a Landcruiser Prado, and ended up like this. From the lookalike grille job to the headlamps borrowed from the Swift, this Scorpio has plenty of mix and match parts. The end product is a hilarious looker.

Is this a Pajero or a Scorpio?

Mahindra Scorpio Pajero

Once upon a time, the Pajero SFX was the wet dream of every SUV buyer in India, but the steep price of the vehicle put paid to many a dream. With some Indian jugaad and some imagination, the Scorpio can be made recreate the look of a Pajero, like this example here.

The Scorpio can even be a Hummer

Mahindra Scorpio to Hummer

Another badass SUV that a lot of Indians aspire for is the Hummer, which is also why so many SUVs end up looking like one. This Scorpio has been made to look like a Hummer but simply doesn’t have the width of the real thing. It ends up looking like a joke but most non-car guys will fall for it.

And even a Cadillac Escalade limousine

Mahindra Scorpio to Cadillac Escalade Limousine

Limousines are hot favourite in a lot of Indian weddings, and generally these are modified versions of Indian cars. Here, we have a Mahindra Scorpio that wants to be a Cadillac Escalade limousine. To achieve this, the modifier has used a grille and badge from an Escalade, and headlamps from a Maruti WagonR. Yes, you read right, a WagonR