Himachal CM Arrives At The State Assembly In A Humble 800cc Maruti Alto [Video]

himachal cm sukhvinder sukhu maruti alto

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu set a unique precedent on Saturday, arriving at the State Assembly in his modest Maruti Suzuki Alto car to present the 2024-25 budget. This act, captured in a widely shared video, resonated with many as it emphasized his commitment to maintaining a common man’s touch despite holding the highest office in the state.


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This wasn’t the first time Sukhu chose his humble Alto over flashier options. Back in March 2023, he drove the same car to attend the inaugural budget session of his government, signifying his down-to-earth approach. This consistency further strengthens his image as a leader who hasn’t forgotten his roots.

Sukhu’s decision to drive himself also carries practical implications. It highlights his personal connection to the state’s infrastructure, the very aspect he’s responsible for shaping as Chief Minister. Traveling through the roads himself likely provides him with firsthand insights into the challenges and needs of ordinary citizens.

Himachal CM Arrives At The State Assembly In A Humble 800cc Maruti Alto [Video]

Beyond symbolism, Sukhu’s second budget presentation focused heavily on the agricultural sector, reflecting the concerns of a large portion of Himachal Pradesh’s population. He announced a significant increase in the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for both cow and buffalo milk, aiming to improve the financial well-being of dairy farmers. Additionally, the budget allocated 28% of its total expenditure towards development works, demonstrating the government’s commitment to infrastructure improvement and job creation.

It’s worth noting that Sukhu’s personal background further connects him to the agricultural community. As the son of a Himachal Road Transport Corporation driver and someone who ran a milk counter in Chotta Shimla, he likely understands the realities and struggles faced by these individuals firsthand. This understanding, coupled with his down-to-earth demeanor, helps bridge the gap between the government and the people it serves.

Sukhu’s actions also transcend party lines and offer a broader message of humility and practicality in leadership. In today’s world, where ostentatious displays of wealth often overshadow genuine connection with the public, Sukhu’s choice to remain grounded sets a positive example. It reminds us that effective leadership can exist without excessive pomp and circumstance, and that true connection with the people can pave the way for meaningful progress.

While the long-term impact of Sukhu’s leadership remains to be seen, his initial actions, including his choice of transportation and focus on agriculture, have resonated with many. They offer a hopeful glimpse into a style of governance that prioritizes practicality, empathy, and connection with the common man. Whether he can maintain this approach and translate it into concrete improvements for the people of Himachal Pradesh is a question only time will answer. However, his early steps have undoubtedly created a sense of optimism and set a benchmark for future leaders to aspire to.