Himalayan 750 confirmed by Royal Enfield’s Siddhartha Lal

Royal Enfield will launch a bigger engined Himalayan in the future. This was confirmed by none other than the CEO of Eicher (the parent company of Royal Enfield), Mr. Siddhartha Lal. Mr. Lal revealed this to a well-known motorcycle journalist Alan Cathcart, in an interview to Motorcycle Magazine.

Himalayan 750 confirmed by Royal Enfield’s Siddhartha Lal

Here is official comment from Siddhartha Lal, on asked if Royal Enfield has plans of launching a bigger engined Himalayan,

Yes, we will. In terms of Royal Enfield sales in India, it’s really 350cc motorcycles that are our true core product. But I’d say that in the order of 10% of our motorcycles in India are now 500cc, and 10% is now 60.000 bikes a year, so it’s not a small number anymore – and learning from that, you realise there is a case from the Indian perspective for a bigger engined Himalayan, not just for export markets, I always come back to India because any product that we do manufacture with an eye on other parts of the world has to have its roots in India, where we have 96% of Royal Enfield customers. So back to your question about higher capacity, we have selected which models we will be making bigger and more powerful versions of than we have today, and the Himalayan is one of those – but because our Indian customer says so, not anyone overseas.

The bigger engined Himalayan is expected to feature the newly developed parallel twin that Royal Enfield will soon deploy in the Continental GT 750 and another street styled bike. Both these bikes are likely to be shown at the EICMA 2017 in November.

The new parallel twin will be the most powerful ever produced by Royal Enfield in India. The engine is likely to have a capacity of just under 750cc. It could make around 50 Bhp of peak power and 55-60 Nm of peak torque. A five speed manual gearbox may be standard, with a chain driving the rear wheel.

Fuel injection will be standard, and the engine is likely to use a combination of air and oil cooling, similar to what the LS410 engine of the Himalayan does. We have seen this engine push test mules of the Continental GT 750 to over 160 Kph. So, expect a similar top speed for the Himalayan 750.

This will address a long standing issue that buyers of the Himalayan have been complaining about – of the bike’s 410cc engine feeling underpowered. The new Himalayan could be launched in 2019, which means that it is still at least a year and a half away. Royal Enfield is expected to launch the Continental GT 750 first, in 2018.

The new Himalayan 750 is expected to be priced well under Rs. 4 lakh. At that price, it will be one of the most affordable, multi cylinder adventure bikes in India. Apart from India, Royal Enfield is expected to launch the bigger engined Himalayan in international markets.

Via Motorcycle-Magazine