The Hindustan Motors Ambassador is a car that needs no introduction. Among the most popular cars of its era, the Ambassador has seen its fair share of days. The car was discontinued a couple of years back due to various factors, the mounting loss on the company (Hindustan Motors), though, was the chief reason. The exteriors and more importantly the interiors of the Ambassador were very basic compared to the modern cars which led to the shift in buyer percentage towards new age cars. However, the Ambassador featured here has received a really cool interior makeover and can rival modern cars for sure on the interior front.

Ambassador Interior Mod 3

The stock Ambassador’s interiors are quite basic and the dashboard is all black with a digital clock in the later models along with rectangular shaped AC vents and pretty simple instrument cluster layout. This one here, however, has got quite an upgrade and looks very modern. The whole dashboard layout has been changed and now sports a beige and black colour theme. The upholstery has also been given an upgrade. New floormats now adorn the footwell. The major highlight here, though, is the Tesla like portrait view touchscreen infotainment system, which is something that modern cars also don’t come with.

Ambassador Interior Mod

Placed at the centre of the dashboard, the infotainment has various features and function but moreover, it looks quite cool and single-handedly improves the appeal of the cabin. Apart from the touchscreen, the dashboard features circular AC vents with chrome rings around them. Various toggle switches have been placed beneath the infotainment system along with the ignition keyhole. The top of the dashboard gets a leather trim that flows over the instrument cluster and lends a modern appeal to the interiors.

Ambassador Interior Mod 2

The steering wheel is stock but gets wrapped in leather along with the black and beige treatment as well. The gear lever is also a new unit and the front seats get a leather handrest between them. Further, hidden white LED lights have been installed in the footwells as well as the dashboard which look cool. The door pads have also been given a boost and now feature a custom design in beige theme. Aftermarket speakers are also present on the door for ICE purpose. On a whole, this Ambassador with its modified interiors is probably among the most modern interiors we have seen on an Ambassador till date.

To let you know, Peugeot has bought the Ambassador nameplate from the CK Birla group sometime back and now plans to bring the name back into production. Instead of a single car, the French automaker is planning to introduce it as a separate brand, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Image courtesy – Team-Bhp