Watch CISF personnel expertly drive Hindustan Ambassadors out of trouble situations (video)

Hindustan Ambassador has long been discontinued from the Indian market but once it was the backbone of the motorcades of Indian politicians. Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) demonstrated the escape drill of a VIP motorcade using the good old Hindustan Motors Ambassadors.

We have put the video in a way that it plays from 1:23:36. If it does not work for you, please skip to the aforementioned time.

The drill was demonstrated for the public and the government officials present at the 50th Raising Day of CISF. On the occasion, newly inducted CISF personnel showed their skills through various drills. All the participants in the drill are at the sub-inspector rank. One of the most exciting of them was the CISF’s drill that shows to the rescue manoeuvres by the trained CISF personnel in case of an attack on VIP convoy.

At the start, the VIP carcade of three Hindustan Ambassador vehicles can be seen moving in a strategical position towards a public meeting. When the vehicle slows down near the destination, the Personel Security Officers (PSO) get a glimpse of the surroundings by getting out of the Hindustan Ambassador in sweeping position and standing the door sills. They quickly start walking with the middle vehicle in the convoy, which is carrying the VIP. Two more CISF personnel do the same drill and join the VIP vehicle for the security coverage. All the four security personnel can be seen forming a parameter around the VIP vehicle and walking with it at a fast pace while constantly scanning the surroundings.

Watch CISF personnel expertly drive Hindustan Ambassadors out of trouble situations (video)

After the convoy of Hindustan Ambassador reaches the venue, the CISF officials look around for threats and one more personnel get down of the VIP vehicle to form a safety cover for the VIP. As per the video, during this procedure, the VIP can be targeted from high-rise buildings surrounding the area and many assassination attempts have been made in the past during this stage. The VIP reaches the public stage where the CISF personnel can be seen forming a 360-degree cover to save him from any bullets. In the meantime, the Ambassadors are parked in a marshalling form for a quick escape, if needed.

In the demonstration, the VIP gets attacked from the crowd and the CISF form the “interpose” pattern to keep the VIP in the middle while going towards the convoy. While the convoy starts moving, a soldier gives them cover by staying outside and then quickly enters the sweeping vehicle by jumping through the open rear window of the vehicle.

The demonstration also shows a bomb attack, which forces the vehicles to stop and they take a U-Turn by using the J-Turn move, which involves driving the vehicle at a high speed in reverse gear and flicking the steering wheel so that the vehicle turns 180 degrees without taking much time. While escaping, the Ambassador convoy can be seen followed by two Tata Indigo sedans by the attackers. To slow down the attackers, the sweeping vehicle reduces the speed and engages in a gun battle while a Quick Reaction Team (QRT)makes its way towards the convoy. CISF personnel in two Mahindra Boleros block the way of the attackers and then neutralises them using force and tactics. The video also shows a similar situation where a full-size bus gets hijacked by the terrorists and CISF personnel use tactics and strategy to get back the control of the bus.

CISF provides security to major industries in India including the atomic and nuclear plants in the country. They are also responsible for the safety of major airports in India and Delhi metro. CISF also provides security cover to private citizens and companies on payment of a fixed fee. Currently, many private facilities have hired for protection. Infosys Bangalore and Pune Campuses, Reliance refinery in Jamnagar are some of the private firms protected by CISF. Even the Mukesh Ambani and his family have hired CISF for their safety in 2013. The Ambani family is always seen with a security Range Rover or Ford Endeavour where the CISF personnel travel to protect the family.