Hindustan Ambassador: What it’ll look like if launched today…

The Indian automobile history is full of imported cars and CKDs. The Hindustan Ambassador changed that when it was launched in 1957. It was the first made-in-India car and remained in production for 57 long years. While the Ambassador was based on the Morris Oxford Series III from the UK, it was ahead of its time and was built on the new-age monocoque chassis design. But what if Hindustan Ambassador was launched in the present day?

The Hindustan Ambassador created a legacy that the original Morris Oxford could not and we still get to see well-maintained examples of the vehicle in foreign countries. If Hindustan Ambassador or even the original Morris Oxford is designed and launched today, what it may look like? Here is an artist’s take on the modern-day design of the Hindustan Ambassador.

The vehicle is imagined by Amol Satpute of TUGBOTZ. While the car has no body panels that match the original Ambassador, it does keep the DNA alive. The sedan with a rounded hood in the front keeps the original Ambassador DNA alive. The rear of the vehicle gets a sharp-looking boot.

Overall, the design of the vehicle is stretched and elongated that adds an aerodynamic and sporty look to it. The front-end gets a starry grille, which we used to see in the Mercedes-Benz cars. There are two round shaped DRLs that encloses the headlamps. From the side, you will notice an Aston Martin touch to the design.

The rear of the vehicle gets sleek LED lamps vertically mounted. These add the look of Cadillacs to the sedan. The glasshouse also looks extremely sporty. It is elongated and it does not rises much from the body itself. The design is such that the car looks fast even at standstill.

No plan to launch

Hindustan Motors is now non-operational, however, the company still survives under the Aditya Birla Group. The “Ambassador” name is currently owned by the Groupe PSA and the group bought the rights of use for around Rs 80 crores from Hindustan Motors. While earlier reports suggested that the Ambassador name will be exclusively reserved for an electric car in the future, the brand may utilise the name for the upcoming sedan.

While there is no news on the fact if Citroen will use the name of the vehicle in the future, there are rumours that indicate that Citroen may use the name for its upcoming CC26 sedan. The details of the Citroen CC26 mid-sized sedan as it is currently known are not known. It will most likely use the Groupe PSA’s Common Modular Platform or the CMP. The same platform also underpins the Peugeot 208 hatchback. The CMP is a versatile platform and can form the base of various body styles including SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, and MPVs. Also, it is compatible with various powertrains including petrol, diesel, hybrid and pure electric.