This Hindustan Ambassador Limousine looks royal [Video]

Hindustan Ambassador is one of the most popular cars in the Indian market and it has had the longest production run in the history of the Indian automobile market. The Ambassador remains one of the favourite choices of the enthusiasts in India and there are many who still own the vehicle even after many years of its discontinuation. There are many who have modified the Ambassador and own a modern version of the car complete with modern electronics and features. Well, here is a different kind of modification job based on the Ambassador. This is a unique modification job and probably one of the few limousines based on the Ambassador.

The video by Retro Classic shows the modified Ambassador that is located in Madhya Pradesh. This is quite a good job since converting a monocoque chassis into a limousine is quite a task but the video shows that they have done the job perfectly. Both exterior and the cabin of the car are visible in the footage and the garage has done a near-perfect job.

The number of doors on the Ambassador remains the same as earlier but the vehicle now gets a new look with new body paint and new cladding all around. It adds a rugged look to the Ambassador and makes it look quite modern. The vehicle also gets aftermarket alloy wheels that add a modern look but we would have loved to see solid steel rims on this modification job. That would have added a rustic look to the car.

This Hindustan Ambassador Limousine looks royal [Video]

It gets a long list of changes and the cabin looks like a different place altogether. To start with, the car now gets a red theme and the cabin gets new upholstery. It gets a lot of additional equipment too that makes the cabin luxurious and premium. The car now has four captain seats in the rear inside that look very comfortable. Also, there are panels in between the seats that have large screens installed. There is also a DVD player that can be used to play anything on the screens while on the move. It is not futuristic as other limousines available in the market but it sure is modern for an Ambassador.

The video does not talk about the engine and we feel that the engine is in stock condition. This is the Ambassador 1800 variant that comes powered by a 1,871cc naturally-aspirated petrol engine. It generates a maximum power of 75 PS and peak torque of 130 Nm. The car comes with a five-speed transmission as standard.