Hindustan Ambassador Nova neatly modified to look like Mark 1 version [Video]

The Hindustan Ambassador is an iconic car in Indian automotive history. It was once seen as a status symbol and was used by politicians and government officers for decades. The production of the Ambassador sedan finally stopped in 2014 due to rising competition and lack of demand. However, it remains a very popular car among collectors, and we have seen many well-maintained examples of the Ambassador on the internet. One of the most common types of customization that many opt for is transforming the exterior and interior with modern features. Here, we have a video of a 2006 model Ambassador Nova that has been modified to look like the Mark 1.

The video has been uploaded by Kam Customs on their YouTube channel. Kam Customs is a Mangalore-based workshop that specializes in car and SUV modifications. This is one of their recent projects. In this project, the workshop modified a 2006 model Hindustan Ambassador Nova sedan into a Mark 1 Ambassador. While the exterior gets a retro and classic look, the interior is the exact opposite. Let’s start with the exterior first. The stock grille at the front has been replaced with a Mark 1 type grille. Along with the grille, the front bumper has also been modified. It now features Mark 1 type chrome bumpers, which give a retro look to the car.

The headlamps are round in shape and have a chrome ring around them. The Ambassador badge and the moniker can be seen on the bonnet as well. We are not sure whether this is the original color of the car or if it was repainted in black for better appeal. There is a black sunshade or sunvisor installed on the front windscreen. Moving to the side profile, the car retains its original steel rims with chrome-plated wheel caps, which go well with the retro look of the car. Just like the front, the rear also features original tail lamps and chrome bumpers with badges. The bonnet and the boot have hydraulic struts, which make it easier to open and close. The suspension setup on this car has also been upgraded. It now has an ARC aftermarket suspension kit with leaf springs.

Hindustan Ambassador Nova neatly modified to look like Mark 1 version [Video]
Ambassador Nova modified into Mk1

That was all about the exterior. Now let’s move inside, where things are entirely different. The interior has been designed to look modern. The dashboard, seats, door pads, and roofliners have all been redone. The seats are now wrapped in black custom leatherette upholstery. The steering wheel is from a later generation Ambassador. The instrument cluster and all other meters are spread across the dashboard, which also features leather wrapping. The outside rearview mirrors (ORVMs) are now electrically adjustable and foldable, and there are ambient lights installed in the cabin. The car now has a custom-made power window setup and more.

The infotainment system in this car is an aftermarket touchscreen unit. There is storage space under the armrest, and the rear bench seats have been replaced with individual captain seats. The driver’s seat is electrically adjustable as well. The speaker system in this car has been upgraded, and the roof liner now comes with leather wrapping. Sunglass holders and LED cabin lights have also been added. The overall fit and finish of the car look great. It has a retro look on the outside and a modern feel on the inside.