The future of “Ambassador” is yet to be decided: PSA Chairman

The Hindustan Ambassador is a legendary name in the Indian automotive space. The Ambassador retired from the market after decades of its service and there still many well-kept examples that can be seen on the roads. PSA, the French automobile group has bought the rights to use the name of Ambassador in the Indian market and will enter the Indian market officially first launch. The group will sell the vehicles in the Indian market under the Citroen brand but will they bring in the Ambassador name into the play too?

The future of “Ambassador” is yet to be decided: PSA Chairman

The Ambassador name holds a special place in the Indian market. In an interview with LiveMint, the Chairman of PSA said that they have not yet decided on how to use the Ambassador name in the Indian market.

We are too young in this market to be able to have a clear-cut opinion about how to use it. So, we will keep it in our hands, and we will try to understand the market better and at the same time, look for the best opportunity to do in a way that is emotionally warm, acceptable and also aligned with the values of the Citroen brand. We are currently in the process of analysing how it (Ambassador) can be used as it is an iconic brand, we would not like to mean any disrespect to it.

Earlier, a few reports claimed that PSA is considering to use the name for its electric vehicle arm in India. There is even a vintage-era inspired electric muscle car concept from Peugeot that could be the best fit of the Ambassador name but as per the latest interview, PSA may have some completely different plans for the use of Ambassador nameplate in the Indian market.

Well, apart from the Ambassador, the Citroen brand will launch the all-new C5 Aircross SUV in the Indian market by the end of 2020. The all-new SUV will take on the likes of Jeep Compass in the Indian market. The brand also has planned three more all-new products for the Indian market in the coming times which are expected to be launched after the C5 Aircross makes its debut in the Indian market.

The PSA group has joined hands with the CK Birla Group in the Indian market and the vehicles will be manufactured right here in India to keep the prices affordable. This is not the first time that the French brand will enter the Indian market. Earlier, the PSA group launched the Peugeot branded cars in the Indian market and also partnered with Premier to form Peugeot-PAL India.

It is likely that the PSA group will keep the Ambassador nameplate reserved for some special vehicle for the Indian market but sooner or later, the moniker will return!