15 year old resto-modded Hindustan Ambassador is a work of art

Hindustan Motors was a very popular car brand in India back in 90’s. Ambassador is one of the car from the Manufacturer that had the longest production run in the history of Indian car market. It was a preferred choice by families, taxi driver’s, politicians and even diplomats. Hindustan Motors had stopped the production for the Ambassador in 2014 but, even today we can find several well kept examples of Ambassador sedans in the country. Some of them have been modified and some of them are restored to factory condition. Here we have a video that shows a 2006 model Hindustan Motors Ambassador getting restored beautifully.

The video has been uploaded by Basheer Mixmax on their youtube channel. The video shows the condition of the car before and after restoration and modification job. The video takes us through every stage and shows what all was done to the car to modify it. The video starts by showing a normal 2006 model Ambassador Grand sedan in white colour. The sedan is then taken to a nearby garage where it is completely stripped down. The front grille on the sedan is removed and so are the lights and the bonnet.

After the bonnet and the grille is removed, the garage then starts installing a new grille. The newly installed grille is the same that we have seen in Ambassador Landmaster or Mark 1, which is an older version of the same sedan. many of the parts in this Ambassador were fabricated at the workshop itself. The video shows how the dashboard was completely redesigned to accommodate new features in it. The dashboard and centre console was completely built inhouse and is made of metal sheets.

15 year old resto-modded Hindustan Ambassador is a work of art

After this, the dents and scratches on the car were corrected using filler and a layer of primer was put on the whole car. All the uneven patches were smoothed out and after that, the car repainted. Owner went for a custom paint that is known as Jazz Blue. From a distance, it looks like a black but, is actually a shade of blue. After the paint job was done, all the chrome elements on the car were sent for electro plating.


At the same time, dashboard and centre console was repainted. The stock headlights on the Ambassador were replaced with after LED units with DRL rings. The tail lamp is also a unit borrowed from older models. On the inside, the dashboard along with AC vents and touchscreen infotainment screen is installed. The AC vents and centre console even comes with faux wooden inserts in them. All the wiring inside the car is redone and the instrument cluster has also been restored.

It now gets a touchscreen infotainment screen that shows feed from the reverse paring camera and sensors. The seats are all re-upholstered and the beige and grey colour is seen inside the cabin. It now gets central locking, power windows, auto fold ORVMs and ambient lighting. Overall, the final product looks brilliant. The garage had beautifully converted an Ambassador Grand sedan into a Mark 1 Ambassador. The work done on this Ambassador looks very neat.