Hindustan Ambassador Speedster convertible: What it’ll look like

The Hindustan Ambassador is one of the most recognisable car names in India. The iconic Ambassador had lived through the highs and lows through the market changes in India to finally go out of production in 2014. The Ambassador did not always live a happy life on the Indian roads, especially after the arrival of the modern vehicles in the market. The Hindustan Ambassador did not get many changes in terms of design throughout its life. But, there were a few less-known variations like the Ambassador Veer that were launched to give a push to the sales. Of course, such versions did not work at all. What if Hindustan Motors launched a Speedster version of the Ambassador which we showed you a few days back? It definitely would have attracted a few in the market. A convertible version of the Speedster? That would have been marvellous.

Hindustan Ambassador Speedster convertible: What it’ll look like

Cartoq’s digital illustrator Vipin Vathoopan has tweaked his render of the Ambassador Speedster due to popular demand to bring us this glorious convertible version of the car after most of you demanded the same on our Facebook page. It should be noted that the DNA of the original Hindustan Ambassador is kept intact while designing the Speedster or the convertible based on it. This version of the Ambassador can win beauty pageants, to say the least.

The vehicle gets identical front-end with chrome dipped front grille that will remind you of the Mark-I Hindustan Ambassador. The chrome-housed headlamps further cement the Hindustan Ambassador look to the car. The strong bonnet sculpture is similar to the Mark-I Ambassador too, but it is just more profound in the rendered image. It adds more character to the already good looking car.

The sides get flared wheel arches that do a great job of covering the chrome-dipped classic rims of the car. As it is from the older days, we would like to add that it gets a manual soft top cover, which will have to be removed from the rear every time you get a hint of oncoming rain from the sky. It would be worth the experience!

The convertibles are not very popular in India due to extreme pollution and the harsh weather conditions. But there are a few months in the year when people get subdued weather to enjoy the convertibles. Nonetheless, this Ambassador Speedster convertible will make for a perfect companion while driving through beaches of India.

Well, can it become a reality? In this day of modern engineering, anything can become a reality if you have enough creativity and bank balance to push it forward. This rendered image can very well serve as an inspiration to many Ambassador lovers in India, and with the right contacts with the people who take on difficult modification jobs, it can sure become a reality. However, with the Indian rules that make modifications, a difficult task can work against such heavy changes. But it looks so beautiful that most Ambassador lovers would not mind the vehicle as a “Garage Queen” in their backyard.