Hindustan Ambassador Speedster: What it’ll look like

The Hindustan Motors (HM) Ambassador will always have a special place in the Indian Auto Industry. The majestic car ruled the Indian streets during its glory days and the car is still cherished by collectors and enthusiasts. At a time when cars were getting better in every aspect and came loaded to the brim with advanced features, the Ambassador had its own section of committed motorists despite underpowered and technologically poor. That timeless silhouette is one of the things that the car held on to ever since its inception here in 1958. That’s probably what lead us to create this render, which shows us a unique speedster version of the HM Ambassador.

Hindustan Ambassador Speedster: What it’ll look like


Made by CarToq’s digital illustrator Vipin Vathoopan, the Ambassador speedster brings together the best of old world auto charms. The original design of the Ambassador has been given a speedster treatment. For the uninitiated, speedster is a fancy name for performance oriented cars that often have a design similar to convertibles, albeit with a hardtop. The Ambassador was one bulky car and poles apart from anything performance but this speedster version is what a classic car fanatic’s wet dreams are made of.

The front end is unmistakably Ambassador-ish, with that sculptured bonnet, round chrome-ringed headlamps, and the shiny metal bumper. The grille on this car has been inspired by the Mark-II generation Ambassador and gets an auxiliary lamp on its either side. Notice the extended eyelid treatment above the headlights which lend it the true Ambassador persona.

Hindustan Ambassador Speedster: What it’ll look like

The front end then gels beautifully with the rest of the body to create a shape that is quite sporty as well as classic. The front and the rear fenders are both squared units which are the same as on the Amby. Other bits which share their DNA with the original Ambassador are the rear shoulder line, door handles, wing mirrors, rear bumper along with the windshield and front roof rake angle.

Talking about the changes, the biggest and most obvious alteration is the rider height. The car has been given a proper low stance and this makes it look very sporty. The body panels have been flattened a bit and the whole designed has been streamlined to make the car stay true to its Sportster name. The rear end especially looks badass sporty and in particular the sloping roof. The wheels have been shod on with low profile rubbers and are typical shiny retro steel units. If you loved the long bonnet retro cars with two doors and a flowing rear end, this Ambassador Roadster is the perfect shot of nostalgia for you.

The Ambassador is one car that is loved by the new generation enthusiasts too apart from the older generation folks. This can be attributed to the fact that the Ambassador had a body language which matched its name and the car ultimately was regarded as a sign of power due to its use by the Indian government. Also, no matter how loved the car was, it is a fact that it will probably never see a comeback in its original form. On a brighter note, Peugeot, a French automotive biggie, had purchased the Ambassador brand name from Birla group some time back and plans to use it on one of its cars that will be launched here. And for the Ambassador Speedster featured here, it is often said that true love is often best left unattained and that’s probably the case here too.