This Hindustan Ambassador SUV is something that everyone will love

There is a huge fascination for Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) in India. A trend mostly inspired by international markets. The sales numbers have slowly started to favour SUVs and crossover vehicles that get raised ground clearance and look butch. With new SUVs rushing into the market now and then, what it would be like if the iconic cars return as SUVs? Well, you can catch a glimpse right here.

This Hindustan Ambassador SUV is something that everyone will love

CarToq’s experienced designer Vipin Vithoopan has made the rendered image. The image shows the good old Hindustan Ambassador reimagined as SUV. This image brings back the memories of the Hindustan Ambassador Station Wagon, which was a production car and was launched in the Indian market too. However, the estate version never became as popular as the Ambassador sedan in India.

The vehicle used in the rendered image is the Ambassador SUV, but the rear-end of the car has been modified to give it a hatchback door. SUV means high ground clearance, and in the rendered image, the Hindustan Ambassador sits on the big tires and have enough ground clearance to gobble up any challenge the Indian roads can throw at it.

The front of the Hindustan Ambassador remains untouched, which gives the SUV its ultimate identity. It gets the same chrome-dipped grille and round headlamps on either side. This is unmistakenly an Ambassador on a larger set of wheels.

The Hindustan Ambassador came in many different forms in the Indian market. There were even two pick-up trucks based on the Ambassador. One of them was launched way back in Ambassador’s existence in the Indian market and was known as Ambassador Porter. Later, the pick-up truck version based on the Ambassador was again launched in 2011. Both the times it could not gather much of numbers of the sales chart.

Hindustan Motors tried a lot to keep the Ambassador alive in the Indian market, but modern competition and technology forced the iconic car out of business eventually. There are still numerous Hindustan Ambassadors plying as taxis in major Indian cities. However, most of these Ambassador Taxis belong to Kolkata, West Bengal, the birthplace of the Hindustan Ambassador in India.

It should be noted that the French manufacturer, Peugeot has brought the name rights of Ambassador in India. The manufacturer is planning to enter the Indian market soon and it will offer a range of vehicles including hatchback, SUVs and sedans. It is not clear what exactly Hindustan Motors is planning to do with the newly acquired name rights of the Hindustan Ambassador but we can see it in one of the upcoming cars from the brand. The Ambassador is an iconic name and has a lot of sentimental values in the Indian market. Any vehicle that carries the Ambassador moniker is expected to get a lot of attention in the Indian market.

Well, this rendered image may never become a reality but we can safely say that if Hindustan Motors launched an SUV version of the Ambassador, it would have looked quite good.