Beautifully modified Hindustan Contessa on video

Hindustan Contessa is one of the most iconic cars in India. Even several years after the vehicle was officially discontinued from the market, there are many beautifully modified and well-kept examples of the Contessa can be spotted on the roads. There are many enthusiasts who have restored or resto-modified the Contessa immaculately. Here is an example that was modified by Modsters on video.

Based on the Vauxhall VX sedan, the Hindustan Contessa became popular because of its muscle car-like design. There are many who have modified their vehicles to look like true muscle cars. The Chennai-based modifying garage Modsters has done a similar modification job on the Contessa and it looks extremely good. The Contessa seen in the video gets numerous updates that completely changes the look of the vehicle while keeping its DNA intact.

The front-end of the Contessa gets a new bumper with integrated spoiler, which is much more aggressive looking than the stock steel bumper. Even the front grille and the air intakes have been updated. All the aftermarket used in the vehicle is custom made, which makes this Contessa truly unique when it comes to the looks. The headlamps have been updated too and it now gets red Daytime Running Lamps that guarantee to catch all the attention on the road. The headlamp is new and can be controlled through Bluetooth.

The Contessa retains its iconic shape when it comes to the side of the sedan. It gets minor tweaked like new rear view mirrors, chrome outline for the windows and even new sporty looking all-black alloy wheels. Apart from that, the rest of the side-profile remains stock. It also retains the fuel lid but it has now been painted in black to match the overall colour scheme of the vehicle. The new 10-inch alloy wheels shod with low-profile tyres add a completely new look to the car.

At the rear, the Contessa gets H-shaped brake lamps with turning indicators placed in between. It looks pretty modern from the rear and gets a new aggressively design spoiler mounted on the boot lid. The rear bumper is also new and ensures that the rear-end of the vehicle compliments the other modifications.

Beautifully modified Hindustan Contessa on video

The interior of the vehicle is not on the video but it has been redone too. It now gets tan-coloured interior and all the seats have been upgraded to offer a much more comfortable ride. On the outside, it gets an all-black gloss paint that shines like a mirror.

The Contessa remains one of the favourites in the Indian market and is an iconic choice. The car was available in the Indian market from 1984 and was taken off the market in 2002. Even though it was not very powerful, the muscular design of the Contessa made it popular as the “first muscle car of India”.