This customised Hindustan Contessa is on an India-Nepal-Bhutan road trip [Video]

The ongoing pandemic has affected the lives of people all around the world. Those who used to go on trips often had to restrict themselves into the four walls of their house. Post second wave things have started to look good and many have resumed travelling as well. Roads trips became popular during this time and people preferred personal vehicles and even started camping inside their cars. Here we have one such video where a group of four friends have started an all-India road trip. What makes this road trip special is the vehicle that they have chosen. They are doing the all-India trip on their old Hindustan Contessa sedan.

The video has been uploaded by SHAMIL AREEKODE VLOGS on their YouTube channel. The vlogger said that he found this group while he was coming back from work. The group had started their journey from Malappuram  district of Kerala and are on their all-India trip. They are not only covering most of the states in India but, also plan to drive this Contessa to Nepal and Bhutan.

Vlogger then talks to the members of the group. They have been planning this road trip for a very long time. They bought the car from a person some time ago and had restored the car completely for this trip. The car also received minor modifications that enhanced the overall look of the car. The car is finished in matte black and they have stickers showing the names of the states and countries they plan to visit all-around the car.

This customised Hindustan Contessa is on an India-Nepal-Bhutan road trip [Video]

The car gets a Thule box on the roof and the tail lamps on this Contessa are aftermarket LED clear lens units. The interiors get custom made seat covers and necessary changes like multiple charging ports, a portable fan and other changes have been made.

The group said that they have other cars with them but, they wanted something challenging and that is reason why they chose this 23 year old Contessa. Many had asked them why are choosing Contessa over any other modern day car. The challenge of driving a Contessa on this road trip is age of the vehicle itself. The chances of car getting a mechanical issues are high when compared to a new car.

The group plans to cover almost 300+ kms every day and the road trip is likely to be completed in a months time. The group will be covering 18 Indian states and will also visit Nepal and Bhutan. The Hindustan Contessa was actually a popular car of its time. It had a muscle car vibe but, is not a muscle car. It is actually a regular sedan which has a boxy design. Hindustan Motors discontinued Contessa in 2002 and in 2014, the brand shut down their manufacturing plant in 2014.

Contessa was actually a four door sedan which is based on Vauxhall Victor. Just like the Hindustan Ambassador, demand for Contessa has also been increasing in the past. People are either restoring the car to its factory form or completely modifying it to make it look like a muscle car.