Beautifully resto-modded Hindustan Contessa sedan wants to be a muscle car [Video]

Hindustan Motors, an iconic brand, enjoyed immense popularity in the Indian market from the 1970s to the 1990s. One of their most renowned vehicles was the Hindustan Motors Ambassador, followed by the Contessa, also a sedan. Although the Contessa is a sedan, its design language closely resembles that of muscle cars. Today, this four-door sedan has become a sought-after vehicle among collectors, with some enthusiasts even opting for extensive modifications to give it a muscle car appearance. Over time, our website has showcased numerous well-preserved and customized Contessa sedans. In this video, uploaded by Motolux by AK on their YouTube channel, a neatly modified Contessa sedan with a striking green paint job is featured.

In the video, the vlogger interviews the owner of the sedan to learn more about the modifications. The owner mentions that he has been using the car for over six years and is the fourth owner. When he initially purchased the car, it was completely stock. However, he gradually made these modifications. Interestingly, he even had the opportunity to meet the car’s first owner on the road, who expressed delight in seeing the vehicle still in use. The current owner of the Contessa shared that the first owner even inquired if he would be willing to sell the car back to him.

The owner has made several modifications to the vehicle. Let’s start with the front. The stock headlights have been replaced with twin-pod units. The owner explains that the stock setup was not sufficiently bright, which prompted him to upgrade. He opted for reflectors from a tourist bus and installed LED lights. Additionally, there is an additional set of fog lamps mounted on the lower part of the bumper. The car features a chrome-plated Contessa Classic front grille with a Shelby logo at its center.

Beautifully resto-modded Hindustan Contessa sedan wants to be a muscle car [Video]
HM Contessa modified

Several other modifications have been made to this sedan to give it a muscle car aesthetic, and the green paint is a key element in achieving that look. The front bumper is a custom-made unit with chrome plating, further enhancing the car’s appearance. Moving on to the side profile, the stock rims of the Contessa have been replaced with 15-inch units sourced from a Mahindra Xylo. The steel rims have been skillfully modified to resemble spoke wheels. Other side profile modifications include brushed aluminum garnishes around the windows, Bajaj Avenger motorcycle ORVMs, chrome-finished door handles, and lower window garnish. Furthermore, an aftermarket turn indicator has been installed on the fender, a feature absent in the car’s original design.

Similar to the front, the rear bumper of this Contessa has also been custom made and finished with chrome plating. The stock tail lamps remain at the rear, along with the Shelby logo. Additionally, a manual antenna is visible on the boot. It is evident that work on this Contessa is still ongoing and has not yet been completed. The vlogger proceeds to showcase the car’s interior, which the owner has meticulously customized. The cabin features a dual-tone color scheme of black and brown.

The door pads and seats are elegantly wrapped in leather upholstery. Moreover, the dashboard has been covered in leather, and the plastic panels in the car have been painted brown. The steering wheel and instrument cluster remain in their original stock form. Notably, the AC switches possess a retro design. An exciting addition to this Contessa is an electric sunroof, sourced from an Opel Astra. The vlogger emphasizes that this modification enhances the car’s overall appeal. With these thoughtful customizations, the Contessa emanates a sleek and refined appearance.