Old Hindustan Contessa restomodded [Video]

We have come across several modification videos online. Apart from new-age cars, there are a few people who love to modify classic or vintage cars. Most of these cars have a story behind them. The Hindustan Contessa is one of the iconic cars available in the Indian market, and there are several examples of restored Contessa sedans from different parts of the country. People often refer to it as India’s muscle car, but it is actually a four-door sedan that resembles a muscle car. In this video, we have a rusty old Hindustan Contessa sedan that has been restored and completely modified to look like a muscle car.

The video has been uploaded by Modsters Automotive on their YouTube channel. The video shows the complete transformation of this rusty old sedan. In the beginning, the video mentions that the customer had spotted this car lying near a garbage pile, completely abandoned. The Modsters Automotive team was not sure if they could do anything with the car. When they inspected the car, they realized that most of the panels in the car had rusted, reaching a stage where it was extremely difficult to restore. After inspecting the car, the team informed the customer about the condition, but he insisted on getting the car modified at all costs.

Once they received approval from the customer, they started working on the car. The first priority was to remove the rusty panels and either repair or replace them with new or custom-made ones. They also realized that the car was missing all the windows and windshields. Sourcing them was extremely challenging, as there are no longer any manufacturers producing them. While one team worked on the rusty panels, another team prepared sketches for the design concept they chose for this particular car. The design was inspired by American muscle cars.

Old Hindustan Contessa restomodded [Video]
HM Contessa modified

They removed the stock grille and replaced it with a custom-made metal unit. The stock headlamps on this sedan were also damaged and had to be removed. They created custom headlamp covers. The front of the car was redesigned, taking inspiration from a vintage locomotive. The bumper of this sedan was custom-made using metal sheets. Next were the wheels. They replaced the stock steel rims with 17-inch aftermarket wheels. Some adjustments were made to accommodate the new wheels, and the fenders were widened to ensure that the wheels did not rub against them.

The next step was the tail lamp. They installed a custom-made LED unit. The bonnet and tailgate were aligned, and a coat of putty was applied to achieve the desired shape. Meanwhile, custom LED projector headlamps with ring-type LED DRLs were also installed. After sanding off the excess putty, a coat of primer was applied, and the car was painted in Porsche’s Moonlight Blue shade. The alloy wheels and some other panels, such as the grille, were finished in Smoke Grey shade. The interior of this car was also redone, and they managed to acquire the windshield and windows for this project. The door pads were custom-made, and the seats and dashboard were upholstered in brown-colored leatherette. The roof liner also received a brown wrap with a diamond stitching pattern. The finished product looks extremely clean, and the workshop has done a great job in restoring the vehicle.