Holi Revellers Throw Water Filled Balloon At Autorickshaw: Speeding 3-Wheeler Overturns [Video]

holi autorickshaw crash

India recently celebrated the Holi festival. While many people enjoy it in a safe manner, there are others who like to celebrate it in an extreme way, and this often leads to accidents during such occasions. Here we have a video where a speeding autorickshaw overturns after locals throw water-filled balloons at the three-wheeler.

This is an old video and it was recently shared by Crime Reports India on their X (Twitter) profile. This incident was actually reported back in 2022 from Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat. In this video, we see a speeding autorickshaw with several passengers sitting in it. In Uttar Pradesh, it is not very uncommon to find overloaded autorickshaws.

It is not clear whether the auto driver was ferrying people from one place to another on Holi or was he traveling with his friends or family. Whatever may the reason be, he was riding the auto pretty fast. As he was passing, we see a couple of locals standing next to the road with colors and water-filled balloons.

It was quite evident that they were aiming at the auto. Just as the auto passed, one of them threw a water balloon and it probably hit the driver. We are not sure but it feels like the balloon hit the driver’s face which probably made him lose control of the vehicle. Almost immediately, the auto swerved left and right before it overturned.

Holi Revellers Throw Water Filled Balloon At Autorickshaw: Speeding 3-Wheeler Overturns [Video]
Holi celebration gone wrong

The locals who threw the balloon can be seen fleeing the spot after they saw what just happened. As per the reports that surfaced online at that time, it was said that two occupants in the auto and the driver were injured in this accident. Local police did take note of this incident but it is not clear whether the locals were identified or any kind of action was taken against them or not.

This video shows why one must always be extremely careful while celebrating festivals. Once again, public roads are not a place for you to do such stunts. The locals who were playing Holi on the road were actually creating inconvenience to the road users.

Their celebration is what actually led to this accident. They should have been a lot more responsible and should have kept the celebration limited to their house and neighborhood only.

There was no other vehicle on the road which was also a relief for the auto driver and the occupants. As it was a highway, the chances of other vehicles crashing into the auto were pretty high after it overturned as the vehicles coming from the rear won’t have enough time to stop or slow down.

This incident happened back in 2022 and people have not changed after this. Even this year, we have come across several incidents from Uttar Pradesh and other parts of the country where cops have taken action and issued fines against riders who have been riding two-wheelers recklessly and without any safety gear on the day of Holi. Noida Traffic police recently issued a fine worth Rs 33,000 after two girls shared a video of them romancing on a moving scooter.