Home-made KTM Duke electric bike does 140 Kmph top speed, goes 130 Kms per charge [Video]

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity in India and there are many offerings in the two-wheelers and four-wheeler segments. But the high-performance electric motorcycles are still missing from action in India. Here is a KTM Duke owner who decided to convert his motorcycle into an electric bike. It is a high-performance machine that can reach a top speed of 140 km/h according to the speedometer.

The video by Homemade Creative shows the whole process of modification. The mechanics remove the engine and replace it with a 4,000-watt electric motor that is mounted to the hub. It also gets a custom battery pack arranged in a module. The battery pack takes the space left by the engine. There are a lot of electrical connections in these modifications as well.

The rider then measures the performance of the motorcycle through a GPS app. According to the readings on the phone screen, it can reach a top speed of 121 km/h. On the speedometer, it shows a top speed of around 140 km/h. There are also various modes in the motorcycles that can be engaged to alter the power delivery

In the Eco mode, the KTM Duke EV can go up to 130 km on a full charge. In the Sport mode, the power output increase but the is a significant reduction in the range. It can go only 80 km on the sports mode.

EV conversion kits are gaining popularity

EV conversion kits are now available in the market for various types of vehicles. In fact, for four-wheelers, the government has even approved the conversions kits for old vehicles. However, the two-wheeler market is yet to get an ARAI certified kit.

There are several other homemade projects that have converted popular rides like Honda Activa to electric vehicles. But one should know that it is not legal to run such converted vehicles on the roads.

In India, the law forbids any kind of structural and engine changes in a vehicle. Any violation can lead to the seizure of the vehicle. However, approved EV conversion kits can be used to replace petrol/diesel engines.

The high cost of battery packs has made sure that the high-performance two-wheelers get an expensive price tag. Even the standard two-wheelers like electric scooters are much more expensive compared to the standard petrol models. However, using high-powered batteries and high-performance electric motors increases the price of the product substantially.

There are a few high-performance electric motorcycles in the pipeline. But they are likely to take more time to arrive to the Indian market.