Watch home-made amphibious bike in action: Built by 19 year-old engineering student [Video]

19-year old Dakshinamoorthy is a mechanical engineering student and is currently in his third year. The inquisitive teenage loves to make new products and invent new things on his own since childhood. Dakshinamoorthy has made his most complicated product till now and it is an amphibious bike that is based on a TVS MAX100.

Dakshinamoorthy who stays near Salem, Tamil Nadu has modified the engine of the TVS MAX100 to make it run on limestone. This year, he modified the bike to make it an amphibious vehicle. The engine runs on acetylene gas which is produced after mixing limestone and water. The gas is filled in the cylinder, which makes the engine It is extremely environment-friendly and reduces operating cost too. It is a highly flammable gas, which is used in welding. We are not sure if the bike still runs on petrol if the gas runs out. It is quite complicated and the gas needs to be regulated correctly.

Now coming to its amphibious nature. The bike has been modified and iron frames have been added on both the sides of the bike. The disposed of tubes from the truck tyres are then attached to these frames and air is filled. This makes the bike float. There is no propeller in this bike but the rear tyre works as one. With the rear tyre moving at a high speed in the water, it pushes the bike forward. To change the direction, a small rudder has fitted to the rear of the bike that is connected to the handle of the bike. So changing the directions in water is not a problem too.

Dakshinamoorthy loves to invent new things and his next project will be a helicopter powered by helium gas. However, due to the lack of funds, the progress is very slow. The student says that if a private firm or the government helps him with the funds, he can manage to make many more such inventions in the future.

This limestone-powered amphibious bike was developed majorly to cross the Cauvery river. Since his house is located on the bank of the river, he made this bike to cross the river and reach the opposite bank where his relatives stay.

Watch home-made amphibious bike in action: Built by 19 year-old engineering student [Video]

The 19-year old is a third-year student of Mechanical engineering at a Polytechnic college. He has been working on inventing such new things since his childhood and has developed many futuristic gadgets too.

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