Homemade cars of India: From a mini Gypsy to Volkswagen Beetle

India is a country that holds lot of potential for car manufacturers. Car enthusiast community in the country is also growing and we have several talented people in India who are so passionate that they build a car at their home. Some of them were replicas while some where new products. Here we have a list of four such projects that were well executed.

Mini Jeep

This Mini Jeep has been made by Sudus customs. As seen in the video, the creator of this mini jeep was inspired from original Jeep. Normally such miniature versions of the cars are based on smaller bikes or used engines from small motorcycles. In this case, the creator made this Jeep from scratch at his workshop. This Jeep does not have an engine instead it uses an electric motor. The battery is placed behind the seat. It uses a 750W motor connected to a 48V battery pack. The Mini Jeep has a top-speed of 50 kmph and a driving range of 40 kms. He utilised parts from various vehicles like auto rickshaw, TVS XL100 to finish this projecg.

Smallest Maruti Gypsy

Maruti Gypsy was a popular 4×4 SUV among enthusiast. Even today, there is huge fan following for this SUV. Here we have a mini version of Maruti Gypsy made by Zakir Khan. The Mini Gypsy is painted in Neon Green shade which gives it a distinct look. It uses an 848 cc, 4-cylinder petrol engine procured from the Sipani Dolphin hatchback. It gets a proper 4-speed transmission. This Gypsy is only 3-feet tall and it comes with a pick-up style bed at the rear. The claimed top-speed of this Gyspy is 140 kmph.

Maruti Eeco to sportscar

This is probably one of the best looking sportscar that was made by anyone at home in India. What would surprise you is the fact that this particular vehicle started its life as a Maruti Eeco van. The creator behind this projector took inspiration from the Lamborghini Veneno and the Bugatti Veyron. It took him almost 2 years to complete this project and has spent almost Rs 12 lakh on it. The original engine of Maruti Eeco was moved from under the seat to the rear and also gave it Lamborghini like scissor doors.

Volkswagen Beetle

The fourth homemade car is also done by the same person who did the Mini Jeep. In fact, this mini Volkswagen Beetle is what made Sudus Customs popular online. Just like his Jeep, he sourced the parts from many other vehicles. The headlights and tyres are borrowed from an auto-rickshaw, bumper is actually a crash guard from a motorcycle, door handles from HM Ambassador, ORVMs from an old TVS Fiero and so on. Unlike the Jeep, this mini Volkswagen Beetle used a petrol engine. He used an engine from a Suzuki Samurai motorcycle. Just like the original Beetle, he managed to place the engine at the rear neatly. It can be started using a kickstarter and also a self-start button. The overall cost of building this mini Beetle was around Rs 40,000.