This homemade Volkswagen Beetle runs a Suzuki Samurai engine [Video]

There are only a handful of cars for enthusiasts in the Indian market due to the less demand. Even the imported cars for enthusiasts are extremely high priced making them inaccessible to many. So what do the passionate and skilful enthusiasts do when they want a ‘fun’ car? Well, as many enthusiasts say, ‘build not bought’, here is an example of a homemade Volkswagen Beetle-inspired vehicle and we are very impressed by the final results.

Rakesh Babu, an avid enthusiast of automobiles has beautifully made a Volkswagen Beetle inspired car at his home. Located in Cherthala, Kerala, the final product looks extremely good and will turn a lot of heads on the roads.

This car gets a customised chassis, which is made at home. The video put up by the maker of this car, Rakesh Babu, shows the entire process of the build-up. The car gets simple ladder chassis and the engine is mounted at the rear of the vehicle. It is a two-stroke engine of a Suzuki Samurai motorcycle. For the people who care about mileage, this set-up returns a maximum of 30 km/l, which is quite a lot. The engine powers the rear wheels of the car, making it extremely fun to drive. It gets the same motorcycle transmission and Rakesh Babu has even added a reverse gear too. The car can be started by a self-starting system or the kickstart.

This homemade Volkswagen Beetle runs a Suzuki Samurai engine [Video]

It is a two-seater vehicle and the dimensions are smaller than the original Beetle. Rakesh Babu, who works as a mechanic says that he has never been into an original Beetle and he made the vehicle through his imagination and references by looking at the pictures of the car on the Internet. The car looks very much like a Beetle and will fool many who have never seen a Beetle in real life.

The body of the vehicle is handmade from the metal sheets. The wheels of the car come from autorickshaws. The small wheels look proportionate to the body and the whole car does not look out of place at all. The windshield is made out of polycarbonate plastic, which is very flexible and can withstand impact too. The headlamps are projectors and seem to work properly too.

Rakesh Babu spent about 3 months to complete the project from scratch and he has done a fine job. To make it look similar to the Beetle, the yellow paint job on the body and white wall tyres do an excellent job. Also, it gets a lot of chrome including the mirrors, headlamps and wheel hubs that add the vintage look.

This is not a road-legal car and cannot run on the public roads. But it is a sheer example of kind of talent many people possess and how they transform it to make their dreams come true!