This car is actually a Honda Accord sedan, & we even have it on video

Modification in India is not extremely popular but there are a few garages who take on jobs to modify and transform the cars completely. Executive Modcar Trendz (EMT) from Mumbai one such popular garage that has transformed numerous vehicles in the past and also makes modified vehicles that are used for Television soaps and movies. EMT can make any vehicle look extremely loud and attention-grabbing and they have done quite a few jobs in the past including converting a Honda Accord to a Lamborghini replica. However, here is another modification or transformation job performed on Honda Accord that completely changes the way it looks. It is based on the last-generation Accord, which was known for its elegant design lines. The car even showcased at the 2018 Auto Expo and there is a video here by Lens Of India that shows a detailed view of the car. The car is often showcased at various auto shows across the country.

Honda Accord Nemesis

Honda Accord Emt


This modification job gets the name – Nemesis and the project was to transform the Honda Accord to an extreme looking sportscar inspired vehicle. Under the hood, rests a petrol V6 engine, which was known for its smoothness and power delivery.

The vehicle has been designed to look like an aggressive sports car, which is why it gets aggressive looking body panels all over. There are quite a few modifications done to the vehicle that has completely changed the way it looks.

Emt 1

Looking at the car, we can see that the Honda Accord seen in the pictures get a new face, which is completely different from the stock version of the car. There are a new grille and a new aggressive bumper up front.

The headlamps have been blacked out to make it even more aggressive. On the side, the doors get new add-ons that make them look much more muscular than the stock. It gets faux air scoops, which ensures that the car catches a lot of eyes on the roads. The door handle of the rear door gets a new design. This has been done to give the car a two-door look but the rear doors remain functional, which is quite useful.

Emt 3

At the rear, it gets a new bumper too, which echoes the same loud design of the front bumper. The whole car gets a sunshine yellow metallic paint that makes sure that the modified Nemesis does not go unnoticed even in the crowded roads. There is also 3D Carbon fibre wrap on several parts that adds to the overall look of the vehicle. At the front, the Nemesis gets aftermarket Bi-Xenon projector headlamps with LED turn signals.

Emt 4

The brake lamps have been upgraded to LED too and the integrated turn indicators are also LED now. The vehicle now runs on 18-inch Mag alloy wheels that look very good with the overall design of the car.

Emt 5

The engine remains untouched. The Honda Accord seen here gets powered by a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine that generates a massive 271 Bhp and 339 Nm of peak torque. Currently, the Honda Accord is only available in a hybrid form.

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