Honda Accord with monster truck wheels = MONSTER Sedan [Video]

Honda Accord with monster truck wheels = MONSTER Sedan [Video]

Modifiers and car mechanics across the world are always into creating something of their own mind. It is said that you are not an auto enthusiast unless you don’t have your own ‘Frankenstein’ vehicle. Especially so if you are a modifier or a person who likes to go down and get dirty on his cars. We earlier have brought you a lot of modification jobs done on different vehicles, some of them even Honda Accords. However, the video below shows a Honda Accord in a never before seen avatar. Checkout the video by Bug Bmx before we get into the details of this out-worldly machine.

The guy in the video has fitted huge 24 inch rims on this Honda Accord. 24 inch, Damn. As clearly evident in the video, the car now looks like a sedan on steroids, who probably goes to gym only on leg days. The 24/16 inch tires are truly massive and are in fact on big pickup trucks instead of modest sedans like the Honda Accord. However, as easy it might seem to be, it is not quite an easy task to fit these big boulders of a tire on the car.

Let’s now get to know in detail what all has gone into the making of this monster sedan.

First of all, all necessary measurements are taken so as to make the new fitments for the cars. Since the tires are so huge that even cutting the fenders won’t work, custom spacers are made for the purpose. The spacers are huge and there was a fair bit of doubt whether they would be able to take the load of the car, which at the end they eventually did. All the lugs and bolts for this mod job had to be fabricated separately. The spacers and other mechanical work done may look crude but as was told in the video itself, it is a fun project and so the main focus was on the entertainment part rather than giving the spacers good fit and finish.

Giant Wheel Accord

Now first the rear wheels are replaced after the welding and proper placement of spacers, lugs etc. The rear of the car is supported on a jack while the wheels were being fitted. After the fitting is done, the jack is lowered slowly to check if the spacers would take the load of the car or not. As was expected, the spacers did their job and the car is taken for a test spin with monster rear wheels. After this, the front wheels are also replaced with the 24 inch units and the weight of the car is lowered slowly onto the wheels and spacers. Again, the spacers took the full load and now all the four tires had been replaced with monster wheels.

The modified Honda Accord is then taken out so as to have some fun after all the tedious work. The Accord does fairly well with the monster wheels and the guys even take it for a bit of off-road stuff. It is taken for a ride on some snow patches along with climbing footpaths and other such stuff. Now since the Accord used here is a front wheel drive, this affects its ability to tackle all of the rough terrain. However, with those monster wheels, most of the area is conquered.

Dangers of such a modification!

Replacing wheels on a car affects it in many ways, especially if the size of tires is increased/decreased.

  1. Handling will go for a toss.
  2. The dangers of mechanical failure is real, and at speed, the wheel may simply shear off if the other components that hold it in place – such as steering and suspension – are not uprated. Also, such modifications may cause things to break due to the high amount of stresses involved. Even in the video, you can see the modifiers constantly tightening the lug bolts, which means that they were already coming loose. So, imagine what can happen when lug bolts come off at higher speeds.
  3. Taking the case of over sized tires as shown in the video, they will reduce fuel efficiency as they put a lot of load on the engine too. Turning radius  also takes a hit due to oversized tires.
  4. Lastly, they are ILLEGAL!

So, while these modified cars may be fun to watch and even drive around in car parks at low speeds, they’re actually very dangerous on the open road.

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