2 beautiful lowered Honda Accords from Kerala with custom air suspension [Video]

Lowered cars are a rage among the enthusiasts around the world but we don’t see many of them in India. The rarity of lowered cars in the Indian car market is mostly due to the bad road conditions that make it extremely difficult for the lowered cars to go through potholes or speed breakers. There is a solution to this but it is a bit expensive. Two Honda Accords of different generations show how to get the lowered stance without wiping the underbody on the rough surfaces.

Both the cars, which are seen in the video get the AirRex air suspension system alongside a range of other modifications. The aftermarket air suspension system is available only with the high-end vehicles and is very expensive to install. Both the Honda Accord gets air suspension system on all the four wheels that help the vehicle to go up and come down whenever required.

For the lowered stance on the road and driving on the track, the suspension can be set at minimal height setting while the car can be lifted by a few inches while driving on the rough roads. It ensures the vehicle can be used in all kinds of surfaces without damaging the underbody. The height of the red-coloured 1995 Honda Accord can be seen getting controlled by a mobile phone app wirelessly. It is sure looks very cool.

Both the vehicles get a number of modifications other than the air suspension system. The green coloured Honda Accord gets Ferrada wheels that look fantastic with the set-up. It also gets negative camber that adds to the extremely gorgeous stance of the vehicle. The green coloured Honda Accord also gets various other modifications like aftermarket LED headlamps, modified tail lamps, body kit, custom paint job, aftermarket exhaust system, OBD reader on mobile phone among many other changes. It also gets quite a few changes done to the engine increasing the overall power of the vehicle but the exact gain in performance is not known.

The red coloured Honda Accord also gets aftermarket, low-profile tyres and rims set in negative camber. The other modifications include an aftermarket headlamp unit with four pods in each headlamp unit, aftermarket body kit, customised paint job, aftermarket exhaust system among other parts. It is not known if the 1995 Honda Accord has received any engine modifications.

Both the sedans have been modified by the popular garage Grid7. Such modifications do look great but one should always check the legality of the modifications. Such modifications are illegal in India and cars can get seized by the cops. However, they can be driven on the tracks or inside private property.