Honda Activa 125 BS6 mileage test: Check it out [Video]

India is a price conscious market when it comes to vehicles be it two wheeler or four wheeler we always look whether the product is value for money or not. There are exceptions but still majority of the population in the country still look out for various factors before buying a bike or scooter or car. One such factor that many of such still ask whenever we see a new vehicle launch is ‘Kitna deti he’ or how much does it return. We have done many fuel economy tests on Cartoq and have also featured many on our website. Here we have one such fuel efficiency test of the all-new Honda Activa 125 BS6 version.

The video starts by showing the scooter and the rider also says that they had completely drained fuel from the scooter and he even tries to start the scooter but it does not start. He then opens up the fuel filler cap and pours in 100 ml of fuel in it. The lid is closed and the rider then shows the odometer and resets the trip meter to zero.

The Activa 125 is then ridden through a crowded area where the speed of the scooter did not go above 40 kmph. The rider kept on riding the scooter until the fuel in the Activa had completely finished. After some time the scooter started showing the signs of low fuel and finally came to a stop and was not starting. The trip meter showed that the scooter had covered a distance of 7 km using the 100 ml of petrol that he put in earlier. This on calculating reveals that the Activa 125 BS6 will return a fuel economy of 70 kms to a litre of petrol.

Honda Activa 125 BS6 mileage test: Check it out [Video]

The BS6 Honda Activa 125 gets a minor makeover with a revised LED headlamp, chrome trim on the front end and sides, and also a new apron up front. It is aimed at both men and women who seek a comfortable, reliable and fuel efficient automatic scooter for use mainly on city streets.

The 125cc single cylinder four stroke engine of the Activa 125 gets fuel injection, and now produces 8.1 Bhp. The fuel injection makes the scooter more efficient. Activa 125 BS6 version available in 3 varants – Standard, Alloy and Deluxe. While the Standard is priced at Rs. 67,490, ex-showroom Delhi, the Alloy and Deluxe variants are priced at Rs. 70,990 and Rs. 74,490, respectively. The scooter is the flagship Activa variant sold in the Indian market.